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Version 2.0

Cybersecurity Style Guide



Certificate standard used in internet protocols like SSL/TLS.


An instruction set architecture for microprocessors, primarily in intensive computing devices and laptops. Pronounced as numbers and letters.




Short for XMLHttpRequest. An API. Spell out on first use.


A system designed by the NSA to analyze internet data. Edward Snowden publicly disclosed this project.

XLSX, .xlsx file

An XML-based spreadsheet file. Pronounced as letters.

XML, .xml file

Short for extensible markup language. Use “an” before “XML file.” Pronounced as letters.

XOR (adj.)

Short for exclusive or. Commonly used in phrases such as XOR operation, XOR encryption, or XOR cipher. Pronounced as “X-or.”


An XML parser.


Short for cross-site scripting. Types of XSS include reflected, stored, and DOM-based. Write as “an XSS.” Pronounced as letters or the whole phrase. Spell out on first use.


XML external entity. Write as “an XXE.” XXE is pronounced as letters or the whole phrase. Spell out on first use. Do not pluralize the acronym.

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