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Protect your stack before adversaries attack

Application Penetration Testing

Bishop Fox's Application Penetration Testing hardens your applications against the highest caliber of modern threats, drawing on decades of application security experience to uncover the full spectrum of vulnerabilities, including obscure and overlooked exposures that automated approaches and less experienced assessors cannot match. 

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Application Penetration Testing

Uncover the full spectrum of application weaknesses to address issues before they reach production.

Driven by customer demand and a never-ending race against the competition, DevOps is under pressure to release applications at record pace. Conducting over 7,000 application security assessments, Bishop Fox is unmatched in our ability to help security and DevOps team address dangerous exposures before they fall into the hands of attackers. 

We start with a complete mapping of the attack surface, footprinting every aspect of the application, including analysis of entry points and deconstruction of architecture, configurations, languages, operations, and documented procedures. Turning to our extensive bench of assessors, we carefully select experts experienced in attacking specific application types and programming languages. We apply proprietary hacking tools across a blend of automated and manual review processes, going beyond the OWASP Top 10 to illuminate the full spectrum of issues attackers target in real-world attack scenarios. 

We cut through the noise of automated scanning results and generic recommendations so security teams can focus on the details that matter. Arming your security team with prescriptive remediations, all procedures are prioritized against exploitation likelihood and potential business impact. This critical information empowers security and DevOps teams to seamlessly implement tactical and strategic mitigations without impacting the agility and speed of software development.

Secure Your Application From the Start

Harden Your App Across DevOps

Bishop Fox’s Application Penetration Testing combines cutting-edge automation with meticulous manual review ensuring the full spectrum of application-based vulnerabilities are proactively eliminated before attackers have a fighting chance.

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See Your Applications the Way an Attacker Does

Skilled adversaries don't blindly attack. Neither do our experts.

Simulated Reconnaissance
Recreates the information-gathering techniques of skilled adversaries to uncover possible entry points and initial pathways threat actors could use to their advantage.

Attack Surface Mapping
Deconstructs your application’s architecture, configurations, operations, and documented procedures ensuring attack simulations are applied to your application’s complete attack surface.

Attack Replication
Analyzes applications and their interconnected components using the same tactics, techniques, and procedures observed in real-world scenarios including testing of session management, authorization, authentication, configuration, data validation, and Denial of Service (DOS).

Adaptive attack simulation is the second pillar of application penetration testing.

Cover the Unique Nature of Your Security Challenges

Not all applications are the same. We adapt engagements to meet your demands.

Dynamic Application Coverage
Leverages lessons from thousands of offensive application engagements, enabling review across a diverse range of applications, including web, thick-client, e-commerce, single page applications, APIs, and more.

Diverse Language Coverage
Integrates the shared knowledge of Bishop Fox experts fluent in programming languages such as Python, C, C#, C++, Java, JavaScript, GO, Swift, PHP, Rust, Objective C and more.

Flexible Delivery Models
Aligns the cadence of your testing from point in time to continuous to meet the speed and scale of your application development demands.

Table showing the spectrum of application security weaknesses that can be discovered during an application penetration testing engagement.

Discover the Full Range of Application Weaknesses

Modern adversaries are experts at finding exposures. We’ll reveal the security gaps they aim for.

Balanced Automated and Manual Review 
Strategically applies automation at the right places to discover vulnerabilities that are well known while reserving manual review to break down individual components for those hard-to-find weaknesses.

Complete Vulnerability Discovery
Uses industry best practices and battle-tested methodologies to reveal a comprehensive range of vulnerabilities, including the OWASP Top 10.

Automated Code Analysis
Conducts a high-level review of your application’s codebase to identify bugs and security issues, including programming standard violations.

Cutting-edge Hacking Toolsets and Tactics
Leverages Bishop Fox’s proprietary hacking tools and research derived from thousands of application engagements ensuring your applications are assessed against novel security tactics.

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Concentrate Resources on the Issues that Put You Most at Risk

Not all findings are high-risk. Target corrective actions where it matters most.

Contextual Attack Insights
Maps the assessor's attack pathways including detailed walk-through of tactics, techniques, and procedures used to gain initial access, traverse interconnected components, and compromise sensitive systems and data.

Exploit Likelihood Analysis
Determines the likelihood of discovered exposures being exercised by an attacker including details on threat-source motivation, nature of the vulnerability, and efficacy of mitigating controls.

Impact Analysis
Demonstrates the potential impact that security gaps have on your organization, going deeper than traditional vulnerability assessments, using classifications for informational, low, medium, high, or critical findings.

Executive and Detailed Findings 
Details the engagement process, findings, and recommendations aligned to business and operational objectives in reports tailored to executive and technical audiences.

Application Penetration Testing methodology cover page preview.

Peek under the hood

Explore Our Application Penetration Testing Methodology

Our application penetration testing methodology identifies application security vulnerabilities by combining automated and manual testing techniques. Assessments begin by crawling and footprinting the application. Next, the assessment team conducts vulnerability scans with automated tools and manually validates the results. Finally, the team manually identifies and exploits implementation errors and business logic. Check out our complete application penetration testing methodology for more details on what to expect.

Key Outcomes

Gain targeted and intelligent insights across your applications' security.

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Reveal the Full Extent of Your Application's Attack Surface

On a long enough timeline, attackers will find a way in. Proactively discover susceptible points of entry and keep adversaries on the outside looking in.

Icon of a magnifier to see bugs in code source and apps.

Uncover the Full Spectrum of Weaknesses

One missed threat could spell disaster. Illuminate the hard to find and often overlooked issues adversaries know most security reviews will miss.

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Address Issues Before They Reach Production

Adversaries have the first-mover advantage. Reclaim the upper hand with proactive identification of issues that can be corrected earlier in the software development life cycle.

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Adapt Engagements to Your Unique Security Demands

No two applications are the same. Tailor engagements to the speed of your DevOps processes and uncover the flaws relevant to your application’s unique design.

Break free icon with open manacles.

Break Free from the Limitations of Automated Testing

Nothing replicates human ingenuity. Identify often overlooked business logic and privilege escalation flaws that require creativity and problem solving only manual review can reveal.

Icon of a target.

Target Corrective Actions Where It’s Needed Most

Not all security issues are created equal. Act on the ones proven to have the highest likelihood and greatest potential impact to business operations.

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See How We Partnered with Parrot

“I wanted to choose a company with deep technical skills that clearly excelled at offensive security. I didn’t want to simply ‘check a box’ when it came to security.”

— Victor Vuillard, Chief Security Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Parrot

Inside the Fox Den

Meet Our Featured Fox


Kelly Albrink

Application Security Practice Director

Kelly Albrink (CCNA CyberOps, GCIH, GSEC, OSCP, GWAPT, Sec+) is the Application Security Practice Director at Bishop Fox. In this role, she focuses on red teaming, application penetration testing, network penetration testing, and hardware (IoT) security.

Kelly has presented at a number of Bay Area events including Okta's inaugural security conference, Okta Rex, Day of Shecurity, and the DeadDrop San Francisco Meetup. She is a recipient of the SANS CyberTalent Immersion Academy scholarship, and is an active CTF participant. Kelly has competed in the NetWars Tournament of Champions, a national invite-only competition that admits only those who have placed highly in regional CTFs. In addition, she volunteers with her local hackerspace, Noisebridge, where she organizes Infosec Lab Nights and mentors aspiring penetration testers.

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