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Secure your extended enterprise

Partner Security Assessments: Trust But Verify

Bishop Fox partners with several enterprises including Google, Facebook, and Amazon to assess the security of applications and integrated systems, and ensure their partners meet the standards of security verification processes.

Our Partner Security Assessments

Evaluate your supply chain security.


Cloud Application Security Assessment

The Cloud Application Security Assessment (CASA) reduces common data security and privacy vulnerabilities so consumers can have greater confidence in the products and services in the Google app ecosystem. As a CASA Authorized Lab partner, Bishop Fox is here to assist with your security assessment.

Unqork Security Assessment

Trusted by Unqork to test the security of their platform, Bishop Fox extends security testing to Unqork customers applying a customized methodology purpose-built to evaluate the full spectrum of application security.

Meta Workplace Security Assessment

Selected by Meta to assess applications within the Workplace ecosystem, Bishop Fox conducts thorough penetration testing and security RFI evaluations to ensure all requirements of the Pass Security Review are satisfied.

Alexa Built-In Devices Assessment

As an Authorized Security Lab, we understand the requirements needed to pass Amazon’s security test. Your security team can utilize our lab or leverage our extensive testing experience to meet the requirements of the AVS Testing and Certification Process.

ioXt Alliance Testing & Certification

Bishop Fox is proud to be an authorized lab for the ioXt Alliance, providing testing and certification against the Standards for Global IoT Security. We are uniquely positioned to assist with your security assessment and streamline your path to certification. 


Mobile Application Security Assessment

The Mobile Application Security Assessment (MASA) was created to help give users of the Google Play Store a greater confidence in the security of the applications they use. As a MASA Authorized Lab partner, Bishop Fox is here to assist with your mobile application security assessment.

Nest Partner Security Assessment

Selected by Google to assess the security of Google Nest partners’ applications and their integrated networks, Bishop Fox conducts security testing that validates the security of partner applications and handling of user data in accordance with OAuth Verification requirements.

Defend Forward

Bishop Fox ensures you’re ready to meet growing security standards.

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Understand the conditions you must satisfy

Security standards can be complex. Our experts ensure you understand the details and intricacies of the security requirements that your infrastructure, applications, and data handling procedures must fulfill.

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Customize testing to your unique needs

Every situation is unique. Bishop Fox takes the time to understand your objectives and customize assessments that put you on a path to satisfying applicable security requirements.

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Identify and remediate security gaps

Our methodologies leave no stone unturned. We perform extensive testing uncovering issues that could result in non-compliance. Once addressed we will confirm remediation actions were successfully implemented.

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Leverage the authority in offensive security

There’s a reason we were selected by Google, Amazon and Facebook as partners. Our testing standards and expertise are unmatched. So rest assured that the best minds in security are putting you on a path to compliance.

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Accelerate deployment

Applications weren’t meant to sit on the shelf. Our security testing processes are streamlined and objective based. We’ll get your assessment completed and security issues remediated so you can quickly launch new applications into the marketplace.

A Few of Our Awesome Customers

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White Salesflare logo for penetration testing and security RFI evaluations case study.
White Sonos logo on ioXt certification page. Sonos Makes Secure Moves with Bishop Fox.
White Reltio logo for Bishop Fox application security services customer story. Reltio Trusts Bishop Fox for Cloud Security Testing and Validation.
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Are You Ready to Defend Forward?

We'd love to chat about your offensive security needs. We can help you determine the best solutions for your organization and accelerate your journey to forward defense.

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