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Incident Response Tabletop Exercises

When crisis strikes, there’s no time to waste. Our tabletop exercises prepare your team with immersive, real-world attack scenarios designed specifically for your business and the evolving threat landscape.

A representation of a modular approach to red team table top exercise shown in stack of four components.

Impactful Insights for Effective Results

Tabletop exercises designed for you.

Unlike one-size-fits-all Red Team services, Bishop Fox delivers highly-customized engagements, working closely with your team to gain a thorough understanding of your organization's challenges, requirements, and goals. We offer a personalized “building block” approach that can combine an Incident Response Tabletop with other Red Team methodologies to satisfy your unique needs.

Advanced Attack Emulation

Put Your Incident Response Plan to the Test

With the sharp increase in data breaches and ransomware attacks, it’s imperative that organizations are prepared to respond quickly to minimize damage, comply with regulations, and resume operations safely. There’s no better way to ensure readiness than to immerse your teams in hyper-realistic scenarios that put your IR plans to the test.

Computer purple screen showing purple team and red team attack methods completed with bar and pie charts.

Red Team Expertise and Ingenuity

Expert IR Preparation & Exercise Development.

Customized Scenario Development
Engagements are adapted to the latest threat actors and specific incident response scenarios that concern you the most.

Alignment With Your Existing IR Plan and Business Context
Scenarios are developed with your existing business and IR playbooks in mind to ensure the most accurate simulation and assessment possible.

Executive and Technical Focused Options
Exercises are designed for both technical-level and executive-level stakeholders to address the unique needs of various business functions in your organization.

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Maximize Engagement

Effective Facilitation from Offensive Security Experts.

Complete Engagement Debrief Session
Drive meaningful dialogue and collaboration in an efficient manner while respecting the time of key stakeholders.

Comprehensive After-Action Report
Get a complete report including an executive summary, findings, lessons learned, recommendations, and Cyber IR Resilience Score.

GRC-Focused Documentation
Receive governance, risk, and compliance-related documentation that supports your requirements and highlights the efficacy of your IR plan.

Visual showing multiple teams working to understand the risk of ransomware through emulations and training.

Actionable Results

Identify Gaps & Relay Readiness to Your Leadership.

Ransomware-specific Attack Graphing
Ransomware tabletop exercises feature in-depth attack graphing of possible pathways for ransomware incidents, including analysis of architecture, vulnerable systems, and data at risk.

Detailed Findings Presentation and Reporting
Receive a complete walkthrough of findings, with a live Q&A session, ensuring all stakeholders understand findings, risks, and recommendations.

Targeted Remediation
Prescriptive guidance increases the effectiveness of ransomware preventative measures including prioritized remediation of issues based on likelihood of exploitation and business impact of a security breach.

Incident Response Tabletop Exercise Key Benefits

What You Can Expect

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Enhanced Incident Preparedness

Boost readiness with scenario-driven exercises that simulate real-life cyberattacks relevant to your business and improve response capabilities.

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Informed Decision-Making

Make data-driven decisions on incident response processes, resources, and investments through targeted insights and analysis.

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Objective Evaluation

Receive impartial assessment of incident response plans, identifying strengths and areas for improvement without bias or preconceptions.

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Compliance Documentation

Generate comprehensive documentation to fulfill compliance requirements and showcase continuous security improvement to third parties.

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Time & Cost Efficiency

Save valuable resources and time by streamlining tabletop exercises, enabling your team to focus on core responsibilities.

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Engagement & Collaboration

Foster a culture of teamwork and communication, ensuring stakeholders effectively coordinate during security incidents.

Preview of the incident response Tabletop Exercise Methodology by Bishop Fox.

Peek Under The Hood

Explore the Bishop Fox Approach to Tabletop Exercises.

Our tabletop exercise methodology is designed to test scenarios in line with threat landscape trends and industry-specific risks, ensuring a realistic assessment of your incident response plans. Download the complete methodology to see what you can expect when you work with us.


Meet Our Featured Fox


Alethe Denis

Senior Security Consultant

Alethe Denis is a Senior Security Consultant at Bishop Fox. She is best known for social engineering, open-source intelligence (OSINT), and performing security assessments and trainings for both the private and public sectors with emphasis on critical infrastructure organizations. Alethe was awarded a DEFCON Black Badge at DEFCON 27 for winning the 10th annual Social Engineering Capture the Flag (SECTF) contest. Using both OSINT and social engineering skills, she compromised her target Fortune 500 company using just a telephone. She, along with her teammates, received a bronze, silver, most valuable OSINT, and Black Badge Award from a series of TraceLabs capture-the-flag contests, including first place in the August 2020 DEFCON edition of the TraceLabs Missing Persons OSINT CTF.

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