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Red Team

Ransomware Readiness

Get a thorough understanding of your organization’s level of preparation for ransomware threats by applying the latest intelligence, attacker TTPs, and Bishop Fox's world-class experience. Communicate the relevant risks to your leadership and refine your strategy.

2022 Q4 Website Ransomware Readiness How It Works
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Tackle the Threat of Ransomware Head-On

Ransomware remains one of the most concerning cyber threats in the minds of CEOs and business leaders. Successful ransomware attacks result in immediate financial pain from sudden business disruption before even accounting for the long tail of breach costs, such as forensic investigations, legal fees, and reputational damage. As a result, understanding just how prepared an organization is for a ransomware attack tends to be one of the top asks of CISOs from senior leadership.

With Ransomware Readiness, Bishop Fox’s Red Team applies the latest ransomware-specific threat intelligence around emerging variants, attacker TTPs, and industry-specific nuances to ensure your posture is in line with the current threat landscape. Advanced multi-methodology red team attack emulations give your blue team the opportunity to spar with a skilled partner and test the effectiveness of your threat detection and response operation. Finally, consultants with combined decades of security leadership experience work with you to best present and communicate the status of your organization’s ransomware readiness to an executive audience.

Focused Offensive Security

Spar With the Best in the Fight Against Ransomware

Advanced multi-methodology attack emulations give your blue team the opportunity to spar with a skilled partner and test the effectiveness of your counter-ransomware strategy. 

The first pillar of a ransomware simulations engagement showing a structured network surrounded by warning signs.

Playbook Evaluation

Assess Your Resilience Against the Latest Ransomware Threats

Objective-Driven Scope and Approach

Focuses the engagement on the specific areas of your program that require the most attention such as your incident response playbooks, relevant security technologies, detection capabilities, and more.

Integrated Ransomware-specific Threat Intelligence

Applies the most up-to-date information around how cyber criminals are leveraging ransomware to ensure readiness isn’t predicated on stale intelligence.

Battle-tested Offensive Security Expertise

Uses the brightest minds in offensive security with proven experience delivering highly strategic red team engagements.

Pillar two of a ransomware simulations engagement showing chess pieces ready to defend or penetrate a vulnerable organization.

Purple Team

Gain Invaluable Experience Responding to Realistic Ransomware Attacks

Complete Ransomware Scenario Flexibility

Utilizes a variety of potential methodologies tailored to your organization’s objectives including external breach, assumed breach, purple team, tabletop exercises, and more.

Customized Attack Context

Combines your organization’s unique context, such as industry vertical and organization structure, with the associated known ways ransomware groups target similar organizations for increased attack realism.

Advanced Threat Response Measurement

Gauges the performance of threat response teams and technology to evaluate efficacy in detecting and containing an emulated ransomware attack.

Visual showing multiple teams working to understand the risk of ransomware through emulations and training.

Executive Communication

Identify Gaps and Relay Readiness to Your Leadership

Ransomware-specific Attack Graphing

Performs in-depth attack graphing to chart possible paths of ransomware incident, including analysis of architecture, vulnerable systems, and data at risk.

Detailed Findings Presentation and Reporting

Conducts a complete walk-through of findings with a live Q&A session, ensuring all stakeholders understand findings, risks, and recommendations.

Targeted Remediation

Provides prescriptive guidance that increases the effectiveness of ransomware preventative measures including prioritized remediation of issues based on likelihood of exploitation and business impact.

Ransomware Readiness Key Benefits

What You Can Expect

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Understand the Latest Ransomware Threat Landscape

The illicit ransomware economy is thriving and constantly evolving. Applying the latest context to your security strategy is crucial.

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Refine Your Ransomware Playbook

Cyber-criminal syndicates run campaigns and apply strategies tailor-made for your industry vertical and business model. Respond in kind with your readiness planning.

Icon of a Shield Integration

Test the Efficacy of Your Security Technology

Ensure the technology you’ve invested in to prevent the impact of ransomware is working as advertised - and identify any gaps before attackers do.

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Ensure Your Threat Response Team is Battle Ready

Give your blue team the ultimate advantage by letting them spar with the best in the business, sharpening their skills for when they encounter real attackers.

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Reduce Your Cyber Insurance Costs

Demonstrate your ransomware readiness to your cyber insurance provider for the opportunity to obtain lower premiums.

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Strengthen Trust with Your Customers and Partners

Show your customers and partners that you take action to protect your business – and theirs – from the impact of ransomware.

Bishop Fox eBook cover with title: The Offensive Security Guide to Ransomware Readiness

Can you withstand an attack?

The Offensive Security Guide to Ransomware Readiness

Many ransomware attacks can destroy business operations for companies big and small, either as a temporary costly setback, as a forever black mark against their reputation, or, more often, both. The inconvenient truth is that threat preparation—particularly for high-stakes threats like ransomware— requires a ‘whole of company’ approach.

With ransomware threat actors playing an elaborate game of deception and upping their ante, it’s time to rethink the way we face these adversaries – including taking a stronger offensive security approach.

Inside the Fox Den

Meet Our Featured Fox


Trevin Edgeworth

Red Team Practice Director

Trevin Edgeworth is the Red Team Practice Director at Bishop Fox, where he focuses on building and leading best-in-class adversary emulation services to help customers of all sizes and industries strengthen their defenses against current and emerging threats.

Trevin has over 20 years of security experience; he has built and overseen red team programs for several Fortune 500 companies, including American Express, Capital One Financial, and Symantec Corporation. Other accomplishments include leading a security organization as Chief Security Officer (CSO) for a major security company. Trevin has led a variety of security functions in his career, including cyber threat intelligence, hunt, deception, insider threat, and others.

Trevin is an active member of the security community. He has presented at several industry conferences and been interviewed by leading publications on topics such as red teaming and threat intelligence.

Combatting Ransomware with a offensive security roadmap play button to start webcast featuring Joe Sechman,  AVP of R&D at Bishop Fox, and Trevin Edgeworth  Red Team Practice Director.

Hear Insights From Ransomware Experts

Learn how you can take an offensive security approach to ransomware and get your extended teams on board, as we examine: the prevalence and profile of an attacker; ransomware simulation programs; top dos and don’ts; and how to determine your ransomware readiness.

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