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Ransomware Simulations

Put your ransomware readiness to the test with hyper-realistic attack simulations that leverage the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures employed by sophisticated adversaries.

Ransomware Simulations

Don’t let an adversary find your weakest link.

In 2020, companies around the world spent more than $18B in ransoms, and a new report estimates that project ransomware costs will reach $265 billion by 2031 with a new attack happening every two seconds. And what’s worse… this astronomical sum does not include the costs of downtimes as teams scramble to get their operations back online, protect critical shareholder and customer relationships, and navigate a legal minefield – all during a crisis.

Despite advancements in prevention technologies, technology can only take us so far, and ransomware attacks continue to escalate. This is why an offensive approach to ransomware readiness is essential for today’s enterprises, as more and more are being held financially accountable to stakeholders and clients when a data breach occurs.

Our ransomware services offer a variety of emulations dependent upon your company’s unique needs – whether you’d like to strengthen your blue teams’ ability to detect malicious behaviors, put your playbooks and security teams to the ultimate test, or deeply understand the current gaps that exist in your defenses.

Ransomware Highlights:

  • Purple Teaming: We help your blue teams strengthen their ability to detect malicious behaviors commonly seen in ransomware attacks, so they can more quickly and effectively respond.
  • Playbook Testing: Putting your ransomware playbook to the ultimate test, Bishop Fox’s security experts covertly execute ransomware attacks to measure the efficacy and communication of your security team (and other teams at large) to determine your true readiness against skilled, real-world hackers.
  • Technical Controls: Our methodology extends beyond the limitations of traditional testing with in-depth attack graphs that are critical to understanding the performance of defenses, within the context of common ransomware pathways. Your security team is empowered with prescriptive recommendations that enable swift fortification of defenses before ransomware attackers can take advantage.
Bishop Fox eBook cover with title: The Offensive Security Guide to Ransomware Readiness

Can you withstand an attack?

The Offensive Security Guide to Ransomware Readiness

Many ransomware attacks can destroy business operations for companies big and small, either as a temporary costly setback, as a forever black mark against their reputation, or, more often, both. The inconvenient truth is that threat preparation—particularly for high-stakes threats like ransomware— requires a ‘whole of company’ approach.

With ransomware threat actors playing an elaborate game of deception and upping their ante, it’s time to rethink the way we face these adversaries – including taking a stronger offensive security approach.


Put your playbooks and defenses to the test.

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Simulate Attacks and Assess Your Security Readiness

Our expert testers act just like persistent ransomware adversaries — learning about your attack surface, linking findings, and hunting for weaknesses. Test your ransomware playbooks to ensure accuracy and efficiency across your organization.

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Get An Attacker’s View of Your Environment

We use the same innovative tactics, techniques, and procedures as the ransomware attackers most likely to target your business. Gain a clear and contextual view of your resilience in defending against the most relevant and likely attack scenarios.

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Cut Down Costs for Cyber Insurance

Insurance premiums are all based on risk, and without a proper view into your security program’s performance, providers can't properly gauge the relative risk of your organization falling to an attack. With our detailed insights, you can offer your providers a look into how your security program is ransomware-ready.

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Provide Assurance to Clients & Stakeholders

With over 16 years of offensive security experience and thousands of customer engagements, we’re certain that no one understands the attacker mindset like Bishop Fox. Our Ransomware service is designed to uncover your exposures before they are exploited.

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Garner Contextual Awareness

By driving end-to-end attack scenarios, our Ransomware service gives clients valuable context into the true impact that a ransomware attack could have in their environment. When you know the paths and areas leveraged by adversaries to compromise your companies’ critical systems, you can prioritize and bolster your prevention defense.

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Gain Actionable Insight into your Biggest Risks

Our reports provide you with essential information about your ransomware readiness, including how to fix your riskiest security gaps and blind spots. Our deliverables include a detailed report, attack graphing, an operation out brief, and a strategic roadmap for strengthening your security program.

Combatting Ransomware with a offensive security roadmap play button to start webcast featuring Joe Sechman,  AVP of R&D at Bishop Fox, and Trevin Edgeworth  Red Team Practice Director.

Hear Insights From Ransomware Experts

Learn how you can take an offensive security approach to ransomware and get your extended teams on board, as we examine: the prevalence and profile of an attacker; ransomware simulation programs; top dos and don’ts; and how to determine your ransomware readiness.

Inside the Fox Den

Meet Our Featured Fox


Trevin Edgeworth

Red Team Practice Director

Trevin Edgeworth is the Red Team Practice Director at Bishop Fox, where he focuses on building and leading best-in-class adversary emulation services to help customers of all sizes and industries strengthen their defenses against current and emerging threats.

Trevin has over 20 years of security experience; he has built and overseen red team programs for several Fortune 500 companies, including American Express, Capital One Financial, and Symantec Corporation. Other accomplishments include leading a security organization as Chief Security Officer (CSO) for a major security company. Trevin has led a variety of security functions in his career, including cyber threat intelligence, hunt, deception, insider threat, and others.

Trevin is an active member of the security community. He has presented at several industry conferences and been interviewed by leading publications on topics such as red teaming and threat intelligence.

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