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Find the gaps in your defenses

Network Security Services

Bad actors are identifying and exploiting security gaps with record speed and precision. We help you proactively identify and close those gaps. Our experts simulate real-world attack scenarios, delivering deep insight into how skilled adversaries could establish network access and susceptible internal pathways that could put sensitive systems and data at risk.

Our Network Security Services

Pressure test your defenses & simulate attacks from every angle.

External Penetration Testing

By nature, your internet facing services and systems are the most exposed and often attacked. Bishop Fox’s external penetration testing services proactively identify security holes replicating the same methods and exploits that a real-world adversary would use to gain an initial foothold within your network.

Internal Penetration Testing

Once an attacker is inside the network, the potential for damage is exponentially greater. Bishop Fox’s internal penetration testing services simulate the actions of malicious insiders executing covert techniques and exploits that demonstrate how an attacker could elevate access, compromise privileged accounts, and subvert security controls.

Cosmos Platform: Continuous Testing

Cosmos, our continuous offensive security platform, proactively defends dynamic attack surfaces by combining advanced technology, automation, and expert-driven testing to continuously identify and remediate high-risk exposures before attackers even know they exist.

The Experts in Offensive Security

Not all penetration testing is created equal. We have decades of experience and a reputation for quality.

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Understand your security exposures & their impact

From new and emerging vulnerabilities to gaps in external and internal security controls, our testing not only uncovers dangerous exposures but also helps you understand the impact they could have on business operations.

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Validate the efficacy of your security controls

Our testers put your prevention and detection capabilities under the microscope. Using the same tactics and techniques as skilled adversaries, you’ll gain a real-world view into how your defenses stand up to the latest attacks.

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Determine which data and controls can be accessed

Our methodologies leave no stone unturned. We perform extensive testing across your perimeter and internal networks, bringing to light exposed systems, pathways, and services that could lead to the disruption of business operations.

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Identify security gaps against multiple scenarios

Our testers take the time to understand your goals. With the ability to recreate any scenario, Bishop Fox identifies how your security controls stand up to modern attack scenarios, including complex attack chains.

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Bolster your security defenses with expert insights

Our testers don’t just complete an attack and quit. We ensure your security team understands the complete scope of the test, as well as the tactical and strategic recommendations to strengthen your overall security posture.

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Meet growing regulatory and third-party requirements

Bishop Fox goes above and beyond simply checking compliance check boxes. Our methodologies exceed even the most stringent requirements with customized reporting that is tailored to your individual needs.


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