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Vendor Assessment

Nest Partner Security Assessment Program

The Nest Partner Security Program is a collaborative effort to protect partner, customer, and Nest data by increasing the security of Nest partners’ applications and networks that integrate with the Nest ecosystems.

Supporting Nest Partners and Customer Security

Nest has engaged Bishop Fox to conduct appropriate security testing with the goal of validating the security of Nest partners’ applications and ensuring Nest user data is being handled securely.

Bishop Fox’s main goal is to help you complete the Security Assessment requirements listed on:
OAuth Application Verification FAQ.

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Bishop Fox Nest Security Assessment What to Expect Guide F

Helpful Resource

What to Expect Guide

Learn more about how Bishop Fox partners with you to help validate the security of your application in our "What to Expect" Guide.

What's inside:

  • Project timeline - estimated timeline based on average engagement size
  • Scoping - how we scope your project
  • Pre-engagement - what you need to prepare in advance of the engagement
  • Fieldwork - what to expect during the test
  • Deliverables & remediation testing - what we provide at the end of the engagement

Dan Blake, Chief Technology Officer @ Aspire Software

"The Bishop Fox assessment really helped us evolve our security processes. We grew quickly from a small organization, quadrupling over a year, and the guidance we received from Bishop Fox helped us prioritize certain areas and quickly get a phased security enhancement plan in place. This assessment was a great step forward in evolving our program to scale to our needs for the coming year."

Why Bishop Fox

We helped design the Nest partner security program

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Deep Experience

Our Team's technical depth and expertise means we can tailor every solution or project to your unique requirements.

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We Do One Thing

Bishop Fox was founded on the principle that all we do is advise our clients so they can make the best possible security decision.

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Senior Attention

Partners and senior consultants drive service delivery, and we are committed to every project’s success. You won’t be handed off to a junior team.


You have questions. We have answers.

How much will the assessment cost?

We have negotiated discounted pricing with Nest for this program, and the cost is between $20,000 and $80,000 depending on the size of the application, products, size of the environment, and how Nest user data is utilized.

When will the assessment start?

We will work with you to get the project started as quickly as possible, and we can provide you with a few start dates to choose from. Scheduling is typically 2 to 4 weeks out.

How long will the assessment take?

Once all the paperwork is in place, fieldwork can typically take 2 to 5 weeks. After that, reporting and QA can take up to 1 week for report delivery.

What will the scope of the testing be?

The focus of the penetration testing will be on the external perimeter internet facing assets, products, and applications that store Nest user data on non Nest servers, a policy and procedure review, and a cloud deployment review.

What will the scoping information be used for?

Information shared with us for scoping will be used to determine overall effort required and also shorten the ramp up time needed for testing. If we can understand the environment before testing, we can spend less time on discovery/footprinting and more time and on active penetration testing. The more accurate the scoping details are, the more accurate and cost sensitive we can be with the scope and quote.

Do I need to provide source code?

We’ll leave that up to you. If you want to provide source code, it can help us be more efficient with our time and get to a deeper level of testing. That said, source code is not required for this assessment.

How will my sensitive data be handled?

All sensitive data including source code will be stored, processed, and transmitted securely. Your Bishop Fox engagement manager can help setup a secure file share to use throughout the project.

Still have questions?

Chat with one of our security experts to learn how we can support your security needs.

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