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Get the Blueprint: Insights from Ponemon Institute’s 2023 State of Offensive Security Study

Hear from experts Larry Ponemon & Tom Eston, as they reveal our findings from a joint report with the Ponemon Institute on the 'State of Offensive Security' in 2023.

Headshot of speaker Derek Rush with title text "Penetration Testing: Navigating PCI DSS Compliance"

Penetration Testing: Navigating PCI DSS Compliance

Join our webcast with Derek Rush, Managing Senior Consultant II, as we explore achieving PCI DSS compliance using targeted penetration testing. Discover vital strategies for securing payment environments against cyber threats through tests on applications, networks, and cloud services.

Screenshot of Caleb Gross in a video for News Insights focused on the Invanti vulnerability

News Insights: Boy, that Escalated Quickly - How Zero-Day Disclosures Alter Attacker Strategy

Caleb Gross, Director of Capability Development, gives his insight on the dynamics of exploit creation and execution and what organizations can do to not only mitigate risk from this event, but also stay focused on minimizing exposure across the business.

Black and dark purple background with speaker headshot on left side. Teal background in speaker headshot. White and teal letters.

GWT Java Deserialization: Unpatched and Unauthenticated

Watch our exclusive livestream with Ben Lincoln, Managing Principal at Bishop Fox, to learn about GWT web application vulnerabilities, exploitation strategies, and security enhancement recommendations.

Pwing the Domain with Silver Framework with purple and black background.

Pwning the Domain with Sliver Framework

Senior security expert Jon Guild demonstrates how to use the Sliver C2 framework to develop advanced offensive security skills. Arm yourself with the knowledge and skills of enumeration, lateral movement, and escalation techniques from first-hand experience in a vulnerable lab environment.

Video player with Trevin Edgeworth, Red Team Practice Director

News Insights: Patch Procrastination with Trevin Edgeworth, Director of Red Team

Bishop Fox's Red Team Director, Trevin Edgeworth, spotlights two notable vulnerabilities - left unpatched for years on end and discusses how unpatched vulnerabilities can wreak havoc on businesses. One, an unpatched six-year-old flaw in Microsoft Office, the other in Google Web Toolkit (GWT), unaddressed for eight years.

Thumbnail of Bishop Fox Video News Insights X Marks Target featuring Trevin Edgeworth.

News Insights: Does X Mark a Target? with Trevin Edgeworth, Director of Red Team

In light of the recent security breaches involving Bitcoin and SEC’s X account, our Red Team Practice Director, Trevin Edgeworth, analyzes the role of fluctuating security programs in these incidents. He discusses how attackers exploit confusion, communication gaps, and vague policies, and identifies weak points in shared security responsibility.

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Headshot of Dardan Prebreza, senior security consultant and webcast title: "How does social engineering works? From planning to execution"

How Does Social Engineering Work? From Planning to Execution

Join our webcast as we navigate the complex terrain of social engineering, offering insights into its various stages from planning to execution, common phishing techniques, and the necessity of ongoing vigilance and proactive strategies to combat this pervasive issue.

Cloud Security Podcast Interview3

Cloud Security Podcast: CloudFoxable Demo

Watch the CloudFoxable demo to see a gamified cloud hacking sandbox where users can find latent attack paths in an intentionally vulnerable AWS environment.

Bishop Fox Video Matt Twells CISO Special.

The "New CISO" Special: Organizing the Chaos

With Senior Solutions Architect Matt Twells, Bishop Fox offers a comprehensive guide to ease into your role confidently, providing a strategic framework to streamline your initial efforts.

Video of Alethe Denis, Security Expert - Red Team, discussing 23AndMe Hack.

News Insights: 23AndMe with Alethe Denis, Security Expert - Red Team

Alethe Denis, a Bishop Fox Senior Red Team consultant and Social Engineering expert, reveals her quick-take perspective on what she sees as different about the 23AndMe breach, and how it’s viewed by someone who is a career social engineer.

Black and yellow background with Cloud Pentest of AWS with Open Source overlay and Seth Art's headshot.

Cloud Security Podcast: Cloud Pen Test of AWS with Open Source

Hear from Bishop Fox's Seth Art in Episode 161 of Cloud Security Podcast as he shares his extensive experience with cloud penetration testing.

Headshot of main speaker: Matt Twells, Senior Solutions Architect and title of webcast: Pacemakers to Pacesetters.

A Practical Guide to Operationalizing the FDA's 2023 Cybersecurity Requirements

Join our webcast with Matt Twells to understand the impact of the FDA's HR.2617 legislation on medical device cybersecurity, learn how to build a robust plan, address vulnerabilities, manage supply chain risks, and anticipate future trends.

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