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Get the Blueprint: Insights from Ponemon Institute’s 2023 State of Offensive Security Study

Hear from experts Larry Ponemon & Tom Eston, as they reveal our findings from a joint report with the Ponemon Institute on the 'State of Offensive Security' in 2023.

Webcast title with speakers' headshot: Combatting Adversaries: Proactive Social Engineering & Network Testing.

Combatting Adversaries: Proactive Social Engineering & Network Testing

Join us for a fireside chat that illuminates the importance of proactive social engineering defense and the key role of internal network testing in orchestrating a successful counteroffensive against cyberattacks.

Ponemon report on offensive security for Financial Services title with preview of the guide.

The Offensive Security Blueprint for Financial Services

Bishop Fox's Financial Services industry cut provides a comprehensive analysis of offensive security trends within financial services, using industry data gathered from our joint research report with the Ponemon Institute.

Red Teaming webcast title with headshot of speaker, Trevin Edgeworth, Red Team Practice Director.

Red Teaming: The Essential Tool for Security Leaders

Join Trevin Edgeworth, Red Team Practice Director at Bishop Fox, as he sheds light on why Red Teaming has become the ultimate "sanity check" for security team leaders.

Black background with purple neon, turquoise, and white letters. Photo of speaker, Tom Hudson.

Tool Talk: jsluice

Tune in to the eleventh episode of our Tool Talk series to hear Tom Hudson speak about jsluice, an open-source, Go package and command-line tool used to extract information from JavaScript files and code.

The Art of Hacking neon logo on dark background.

The Art of Hacking: Livestream from DEF CON 31

Join us Friday, August 11, 2023 for a livestream from DEF CON 31 to hear seasoned hackers and cybersecurity experts uncover the intricacies of ethical hacking and how the hacker spirit can be harnessed to push the boundaries of technology.

Preview of Bishop Fox new offensive security guide on Cloud Penetration Testing titled: Outpacing adversaries in the cloud

Outpacing Adversaries in the Cloud: An Offensive Security Guide

Download our guide to discover the current challenges in securing the cloud, the approach offensive security takes through cloud penetration testing, and the differences and advantages of investing in CPTs as part of a cloud security program.

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Announcing our New Series: The  Art & Science of Cyber Leadership neon logo.

The Art & Science of Cyber Leadership Series

Our new series brings together CISOs, industry authorities, and analysts in conversation to provide perspectives to help you navigate the rapidly changing cyber landscape and inform the decisions you make for your organization.

Ponemon Institute logo with teal title for new report: The State of Offensive Security 2023, creating a Blueprint for Success.

Ponemon Institute Report 2023

In a new study conducted with Bishop Fox, the Ponemon Institute surveyed nearly 700 security and IT practitioners who actively employ offensive security practices. The analysis explores where enterprises are focusing offensive security efforts and the drivers behind them.

What the Vuln neon logo with the subtitle: Technical Series Quartely Roundup subtitle and featuring a fox in a hoody pointing to the logo..

What the Vuln Series: Quarterly Roundup

Watch the third episode of our What the Vuln technical series as we share the most intriguing vulnerabilities that we encountered in Q2 2023 and how we hacked them.

Preview of Bishop Fox Red teaming Guide cover page on dark purple background.

Getting Red Teaming Right: A How-to Guide

Read our eBook to learn how Red Teaming can provide the ultimate training ground for your defenses, assessing how well (or not) intrusions are detected and how an attacker can move throughout your network to achieve exfiltration.

Panelist headshots for fireside chat  How the National Cybersecurity Strategy Will Shape the Future of Offensive Security.

How the New National Cybersecurity Strategy Will Shape the Future of Offensive Security

Join Bishop Fox for a fireside chat with renowned cybersecurity experts – Evan Wolff & Justin Greis. We’ll discuss how new proposed regulations will impact offensive security initiatives, both short- and long-term.

OWASP ASVS Demystified digital guide on purple lock background.

OWASP ASVS Demystified: A Practical Guide to Web Application Security Testing

In this technical guide, offensive security expert Shanni Prutchi provides analysis of the entire 278 verification requirements listed in OWASP's ASVS standard to assist in the generation of test cases and provide context to companies looking to test their applications against the standard.

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