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How the New National Cybersecurity Strategy Will Shape the Future of Offensive Security

Join Bishop Fox for a fireside chat with renowned cybersecurity experts – Evan Wolff & Justin Greis. We’ll discuss how new proposed regulations will impact offensive security initiatives, both short- and long-term.

Preview of Bishop Fox Red teaming Guide cover page on dark purple background.

Getting Red Teaming Right: A How-to Guide

Read our eBook to learn how Red Teaming can provide the ultimate training ground for your defenses, assessing how well (or not) intrusions are detected and how an attacker can move throughout your network to achieve exfiltration.

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Get the Blueprint: Insights from Ponemon Institute’s 2023 State of Offensive Security Study

Hear from experts Larry Ponemon & Tom Eston, as they reveal our findings from a joint report with the Ponemon Institute on the 'State of Offensive Security' in 2023.

OWASP ASVS Demystified digital guide on purple lock background.

OWASP ASVS Demystified: A Practical Guide to Web Application Security Testing

In this technical guide, offensive security expert Shanni Prutchi provides analysis of the entire 278 verification requirements listed in OWASP's ASVS standard to assist in the generation of test cases and provide context to companies looking to test their applications against the standard.

Preview of three pages of the IDC report on how attack surface management reduces risk on dark purple background.

IDC Spotlight - Continuous Prevention: How Attack Surface Management Reduces Risk

Get new analyst insights on the benefits of continuous testing.

Webcast title: Notes from the dark side next to two light cybers on dark purple background.

Notes from the Dark Side: What Our Data Reveals About the Attack Surface

Join our offensive security experts as they share insights gleaned from analyzing twelve months of findings captured in Cosmos, our award-winning attack surface management platform.

Tool Talk Episode 10 Burp Suite

Tool Talk: Burp Suite Extensions

Learn how to power up web application security testing with tips on creating customized extensions featuring BurpCage, an extension that replaces any image proxied through Burp Suite leveraging the Montoya API.

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Preview of the Bishop Fox cybersecurity style guide pamphlet on dark purple background.

Cybersecurity Style Guide v2.0

Designed for security researchers, this guide is an invaluable resource for advice on which cybersecurity terms to use in reports and how to use them correctly.

Preview of the GigaOm Radar Report on Attack Surface management with the author's headshot, Chris Ray.

2023 GigaOm Radar for Attack Surface Management

This report is one of a series of documents that helps IT organizations assess competing Attack Surface Management solutions in the context of well-defined features and criteria.

GigaOm Special Webcast on Attack Surface Management solution featuring analyst Chris Ray with headshot

2023 GigaOm Radar Webcast: Attack Surface Management

Join us to learn how to choose the right ASM solution for your needs and how new ASM solutions can help you improve your overall security posture.

Cover page of the SANS Report Hacker Survey 2022

SANS Institute: Inside the Minds & Methods of Modern Adversaries

To stay ahead of a hacker, you need to think like one. In groundbreaking new research, SANS and Bishop Fox surveyed more than 300 ethical hackers to gain insight into how attackers think, the tools they use, their speed, specialization, and favorite targets.

Bishop Fox's Ransomware Readiness eBook with compass imagery

The Offensive Security Guide to Ransomware Readiness

Our ransomware readiness guide helps you understand your current state of ransomware readiness, prepare for ransomware attacks, identify gaps in your current strategy, and measure progress to continually enhance readiness.

image of purple eBook cover with blue text and white page with graphs on dark background

Fortifying Your Applications: A Guide to Penetration Testing

Download this eBook to explore key aspects of application penetration testing, questions to ask along the way, how to evaluate vendors, and our top recommendations to make the most of your pen test based on almost two decades of experience and thousands of engagements.

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