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The Best Defense Is a Great Offense

Bishop Fox combines the top minds in offensive security with advanced weaponry and tactics to help organizations across the globe proactively assess the security of their products, applications, networks, and cloud infrastructure.

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Montage of Bishop Fox customers with security consultants working on product penetration testing and IIot security testing

The experts who think like attackers

Trusted partners for all your offensive security needs.

With over 18 years of offensive security experience and thousands of customer engagements, we’re certain that no one understands the attacker mindset like Bishop Fox. Our offensive security services portfolio mimics real-world attacks across any scenario.

We assess almost every aspect of your applications, cloud environments, and networks for tactical and strategic risks. Whether you’re looking to release a new app or service, or validating corporate governance, we have the most talented experts in the industry to stress-test your defenses.

Go Beyond the Status Quo

We welcome the opportunity to design solutions that meet your unique needs.

Web, Mobile, Hybrid

Application Security Services

Don’t let your applications and interconnected systems be exposed. Bishop Fox experts dive deep into the security of your web and mobile applications to assess code, backend APIs and business logic flaws to verify applications are safe from unauthorized access, malicious use, and subversion.

The Ultimate Test

Red Teaming & Readiness

Put your defenses to the ultimate test. Tap Bishop Fox’s skilled experts to execute real-world targeted attack scenarios that deliver unparalleled technical and business level insights into how a highly motivated and stealthy attacker would target your organization, evade defenses, and compromise sensitive systems and data.

Find Hidden Risk

IoT & Product Security Services

Specialized hardware and software introduce new categories of difficult-to-detect vulnerabilities. Let Bishop Fox experts execute in-depth analysis of binaries, protocols, reverse engineering, and physical manipulation to validate your interconnected devices and products are secure against attackers taking control of or affecting your physical environment.

Internal & External

Network Security Services

Identify your defensive weaknesses before attackers do. Bishop Fox experts simulate real-world attack scenarios to uncover perimeter weaknesses and identify how an attacker could gain access to your internal networks, including data and controls that could be at risk.

AWS, Azure, GCP

Cloud Security Services

Cloud security can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Bishop Fox experts combine configuration review and objective-based testing to identify cloud-specific vulnerabilities and susceptible privilege escalation paths that commonly lead to the compromise of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft Azure services.

Partner Assessments

Amazon, Google, & Facebook Assessments

You are only as safe as your weakest link. Let Bishop Fox experts put your strategic partners and 3rd party vendors under the microscope. Targeting specific services and systems, our experts will proactively identify security weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could serve as jumping points to your internal network.

Why Bishop Fox

Battle Tested. Proven. Trusted.

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Offensive Security Is in Our DNA

Other service providers often add offensive security practices as a complement to their managed services lineup. At Bishop Fox, our foundation was built on offensive security engagements. Founded by ethical hackers, our service portfolio is built to deliver on our core mission – making sure our clients dynamic networks and applications are protected against even the most sophisticated attacker tactics and techniques.

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Tap the Best Offensive Minds in Security

Skilled security personnel are difficult to hire and even more difficult to retain. We’ve created a challenging and stimulating environment that attracts and retains the best minds in the offensive space. So, rest assured, when a Bishop Fox expert tests your network, you’re getting the most advanced skillsets that emulate real-world attack scenarios.

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Real-World Simulations, Not Automated Scripts

Masquerading automated measures as security testing puts unsuspecting organizations at risk. We understand the mindset of an attacker better than anyone. By emulating real-world attacks, we give your security team deep insight into defensive weaknesses and risks across your entire network.

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Proprietary Tools and Techniques Give Us an Advantage

Attackers have no boundaries, neither should your assessors. We’re the innovators behind some of the most innovative offensive security tools on the market. Our security experts leverage cutting-edge tactics and tools just as a real-world attacker does - to identify susceptible systems and defensive blind spots.

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Get Actionable Results, Not Generic Guidance

A security test is meaningless without actionable and prioritized results. We fully customize our reporting and post-engagement reviews to the unique needs of your organization. From compliance and executive reporting to detailed operational insights, we ensure all audiences understand our findings, risks, and remediation procedures to improve the overall security posture.

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Scaling up Google's Third-Party Security Program

When Google needed to ensure that their user data was being handled securely, they partnered with Bishop Fox to design a security assessment program that could validate the security posture of their 1,000+ G Suite partners. The result: the largest and most successful public third-party ecosystem testing program ever.

Discover an Award-Winning Difference

See why we've been recognized as a leader in offensive security.

Gigaom Radar Award badge 2024 for the Attack Surface Managment leader.
GigaOm radar report 2024 badge for fast mover.
Global Infosec Awards Winner 2023
Bishop Fox winner of the 2021 SC award for best emerging technology.
Bishop Fox winner of the Stevie Silver Awards 2022.
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Are You Ready to Defend Forward?

We'd love to chat about your offensive security needs. We can help you determine the best solutions for your organization and accelerate your journey to forward defense.

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