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Put your defenses to the ultimate test

Red Teaming & Readiness

We emulate your adversary — their motivations and goals, how they operate, and what tools they use, based on your needs — whether that be a full ’outside-in’ or ‘internal breach’ scenario. Our mission is to help you get a holistic view of your ability to defend against a real-world, sophisticated attack.

Red Teaming & Readiness

Our Red Team will become your best friend by emulating your worst enemy.

Adversaries aren't constricted to timeframes or pathways - your security testing shouldn't be either.

Our Red Team testing puts your security defenses to the ultimate test leveraging the same tactics, techniques, and procedures as skilled real-world adversaries. Leaving nothing to chance, our multi-point methodology not only tests information systems but expands to cover physical and social engineering avenues that emulate the actions of adversaries determined to accomplish their objectives.

Operating covertly, our testers will attempt to bypass your prevention and detection controls illuminating technical and systemic weaknesses that a targeted adversary could capitalize on. Ultimately, our engagement aims to put your response capabilities under the microscope. Once we've established presence inside the network, it's a race against your Blue Team's ability to not only identify our actions but shut down and eliminate persistence mechanisms before we can accomplish our objectives.

Upon completion of the engagement, your team will be armed with unparalleled insight that facilitates corrective actions across the entirety of your security controls. In addition, you'll demonstrate to regulators, third parties, and business stakeholders your commitment to securing business operations against the highest industry standards.

With Bishop Fox as your partner for Red Teaming, you'll benefit from:

  • End-to-end attack scenarios: As an objective-based exercise, Red Team operations give you valuable context into material impacts of discovered vulnerabilities — highlighting the paths leveraged by adversaries to compromise your company's crown jewels - all while avoiding detection.
  • Full scope testing: While other security assessment methodologies are focused mostly on information systems, Red Team operations can be expanded in scope to include physical and social engineering attack paths - leaving no avenue of attack uncovered.
  • Collaborative defense: As the sparring partner for your Blue Team, our Red Team engagements go beyond testing prevention and detection capabilities evaluating your ability to respond and neutralize an attacker before they can accomplish their objectives.
Cosmos Attack Surface Management Screenshot of interface showing security findings and critical vulnerabilities.

Continuous Attack Emulation

Interested in exploring continuous offensive options? Meet Cosmos.

Cosmos continuously discovers and maps your ever-changing attack surface and identifies dangerous vulnerabilities targeted by attackers. By creatively (and extensively) leveraging automation, Cosmos eliminates false positives to surface true exposures that are then tested and validated by our dedicated team of operators.

With Cosmos, operators continuously emulate real-world attacks, safely exploiting exposures and executing post-exploitation activities that uncover internal pathways, systems, and data that are susceptible to attack. They deliver deep insights into findings and conduct on-demand retesting to validate remediation procedures and accelerate the closure of attack windows.

Be Confident You're Ready

Shrink the gaps in your security program.


Map your attack surface & improve visibility

Gain a stronger understanding of your attack surface. Find the most impactful ways your business can be compromised by vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other gaps in your physical security and cybersecurity. Just like your adversary, we plan to target your “crown jewels.”


Measure (and bolster) your defense capabilities

We’re the sparring partner for your Blue Team. Our mission is to provide you with valuable insight into your organization’s detection and response capabilities, processes, and playbooks. Our operations are designed to strengthen your Blue Team’s ability to shut down malicious behavior across multiple scenarios.


Gain contextual awareness of material risks

By driving end-to-end attack scenarios, Red Team operations give clients valuable context into the true impact of the vulnerabilities found in their environment. When you know the paths and areas leveraged by adversaries to compromise your companies critical “crown jewel” systems, you can prioritize and target remediations.


Test all attack paths: social, physical, and cyber

Red Team operations provide a comprehensive view into all the exposures in your organization’s risk posture. Rather than being limited to just IT assets, we expand the aperture to include attack paths such as physical and social engineering.


Get an attacker's view of your environment

Our Red Team uses the same tactics, techniques, and procedures as the threat actors most likely to target your business. Gain a clear and contextual view of your resilience in defending against the most relevant and likely attack scenarios.


Design the experience you want to have

We tailor each Red Team engagement based on your unique business goals. At the start, we’ll collaborate in mapping out your environment and the likely attack paths of threat actors based on your unique crown jewels and business needs.


Gain actionable insight into your biggest risks

Our reports provide you with essential information about your security posture, including how to fix your riskiest security gaps and blind spots. Our deliverables include a detailed report, attack graphing, an operation out brief, and a strategic roadmap for strengthening your security program.


Partner with a trusted expert

We bring decades of cybersecurity experience. As the largest private professional services firm focused on offensive security testing, Bishop Fox is a trusted brand. Our teams have provided services to the world’s leading organizations, including over 25% of the Fortune 100.

Illumio and Bishop Fox measure the efficiency of micro-segmentation as a security control.
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Developing a unique methodology for Illumio

When Illumio needed to partner with objective and established red team experts to build a transparent testing methodology, they turned to Bishop Fox. Learn how the Bishop Fox assessment team designed a custom testing framework and used red team tactics to quantify the effectiveness of micro-segmentation.

Meet Our Featured Fox

Joe DeMesy


Joe DeMesy


Joe DeMesy is a Principal at Bishop Fox. Joe is an expert in secure development, proficient in several programming languages, and is a leading contributor to various open source projects. Joe is a noted expert in the field of information security, having been quoted in MarketWatch, NPR, InformationWeek, and Dark Reading. He has also presented his research at conferences such as BSidesLV, Kiwicon, BlackHat and private conferences hosted by the US Department of Defense.

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