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About Us

Leading the Pack in Offensive Security.

We've been in the offensive security space for almost two decades and are proud to be home to the innovators, engineers, and exploit writers behind some of the most popular security tools and research out there.

Step Inside the Fox Den

Security isn’t just a job to us. We do this because we love it. And because we're committed to the common good.

We care about security because it’s in our DNA. We support the security and research communities because we belong to them. And we invest in research to stay ahead of emerging threats and new attack vectors because we believe in helping the good guys stay a step ahead. Regardless of whether you work with us, we believe everyone deserves to be secure online and this mission drives us to do better every day, to never stop learning, and to always be innovating.

Breaches aren't inevitable

We believe the best way to manage risk is adopting a forward defense philosophy — focusing on prevention, not reaction.

We focus on offensive security because we believe that the best way to secure modern organizations is by subjecting their networks and applications to the same attacks they see in the real world. Because it’s not just one vulnerability that leads to a breach now, it’s an attacker with the skill, patience, and desire to chain several vulnerabilities together into a working exploit. Understanding your exposure is not as simple as running a tool or meeting a requirement.

For too long, enterprises have been told that breaches are inevitable and part of the cost of doing business. It’s why the industry has focused on reacting to intrusions after they’ve happened, instead of preventing them in the first place. We believe there's a better way. Our solutions are designed to uncover your exposures before they are exploited.

16 years of experience

We Are Battle Tested.

Titans in every industry have entrusted their offensive security to us. We've been honored to help them achieve their full security potential. Now we’re ready for the next challenge: yours.

16 years of experience Icon

26 of the Fortune 100

16 years of experience Icon

5.5k+ Engagements Completed

16 years of experience Icon

5 of the Top 5 Global Media Companies

16 years of experience Icon

10 of the Top 20 Global Retailers

16 years of experience Icon

8 of the Top 10 Global Tech Companies

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6 of the Top 10 Manufacturers

General Nakasone

Commander of United States Cyber Command

We must “defend forward” in cyberspace, as we do in the physical domains. Our naval forces do not defend by staying in port, and our airpower does not remain at airfields. They patrol the seas and skies to ensure they are positioned to defend our country before our borders are crossed. The same logic applies in cyberspace.

Meet Our Leaders

Our leadership team brings decades of experience to our shared mission of making the world safer.

Vincent Liu Headshot

Vincent Liu

CEO and Co-Founder

Francis Brown Headshot

Francis Brown

Co-Founder and Board Member

Bill Carroll Headshot

Bill Carroll

Chief Operating Officer

Gwenyth Castro Headshot

Gwenyth Castro

Chief of Staff

Julie Albright Headshot

Julie Albright

Chief Marketing Officer

Andrew Wilson Headshot

Andrew Wilson

VP and GM of Latin America

Patty Wright Headshot

Patty Wright

Senior VP and GM of Consulting

Jamie Fiedrich Headshot

Jamie Fiedrich

VP and GM of Cosmos

Allison Arvizu Headshot

Allison Arvizu

VP of Sales

Kevin Brooks Headshot

Kevin Brooks

VP of Finance

Joe Green Headshot

Joe Green

VP of Engineering

Mark Pavlick Headshot

Mark Pavlick

VP of Sales, Alliances, and Channel

MJ Porcello Headshot

MJ Porcello

VP of Human Resources

Christie Terrill Headshot

Christie Terrill

VP of Customer Success

Arissa Kirkland Headshot

Arissa Kirkland

Chief of Staff to COO

Rob Ragan Headshot

Rob Ragan

Principal Researcher

Angela Bachor Headshot

Angela Bachor


Tom Eston Headshot

Tom Eston

AVP of Consulting

David Filbey Headshot

David Filbey

AVP of Cosmos

Tony Needler Headshot

Tony Needler

AVP of Managed Services

Joe Sechman Headshot

Joe Sechman

AVP of Research and Development

Jaclyn Todd Headshot

Jaclyn Todd

AVP of Resource Management

Pat Flynn Headshot

Pat Flynn

Senior Director of Recruiting

Our Board of Directors & Advisory Board

We're lucky to have some of the best minds in cybersecurity as board members & advisors.

Vincent Liu Headshot

Vincent Liu

Board Member • Co-Founder & CEO, Bishop Fox

Francis Brown Headshot

Francis Brown

Board Member • Co-Founder, Bishop Fox

Don Dixon Headshot

Don Dixon

Board Member • Co-Founder & Managing Director, ForgePoint Capital

Steve Huffman Headshot

Steve Huffman

Board Member • CEO, Reddit

William Lin Headshot

William Lin

Board Member • Co-Founder & Managing Director, ForgePoint Capital

Martina Lauchengco Headshot

Martina Lauchengco

Board Advisor • Partner at Costanoa Ventures

Barmak Meftah Headshot

Barmak Meftah

Board Advisor • Partner at Ballistic Ventures

Alex Stamos Headshot

Alex Stamos

Board Advisor • Partner at Krebs Stamos Group

Evan Wolff Headshot

Evan Wolff

Board Advisor • Partner at Crowell & Moring LLP

Discover an Award-Winning Difference

We're proud to be recognized as the leader in offensive security — and a great place to work!

Acquisition International Most Pioneering Security Services 2020
SC Awards 2021 Best Emerging Technology
Cyber Security Excellence Awards 2020
Info Sec Award Cyberdefense Magazine 2020
Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award Badge 2020
2021 AZ Top Companies

Are You Ready to Defend Forward?

We'd love to chat about your offensive security needs. We can help you determine the best solutions for your organization and accelerate your journey to forward defense.

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