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Application Security Services

We cover the full spectrum of application security testing. From application design processes to deep source code review, we'll help you build safer apps, ensure compliance, and up-level your DevSecOps.

Build the Safest Apps on the Planet

Put your app security to the test, ensure compliance, and improve DevSecOps.

Application Penetration Testing

Our award-winning, in-depth application penetration testing goes well beyond discovering vulnerabilities to analyze the inner workings of your applications and identify critical issues, exposure points, and business logic flaws.

Hybrid Application Assessment

Dissect every aspect of your app's security with source-code-assisted application penetration testing that uncovers a broader range of vulnerabilities and exposures.

Mobile Application Assessment

Put your mobile apps to the test with in-depth static and dynamic analysis across iOS and Android devices that proactively identifies attack vectors and risks, including weaknesses across code, services, APIs, and more.

Secure Code Review

Improve the overall security of code and eliminate flaws that fall into production using a combination of automated review and detailed human inspection that uncovers the full spectrum of security flaws, vulnerabilities, and business logic errors.

Architecture Security Assessment

Put your applications and underlying security architecture under the microscope to illuminate critical flaws and identify systemic improvements that will enhance security controls and harden defenses.

Threat Modeling

Proactively address security issues across the software development life cycle with in-depth analysis of application design, threats, and countermeasures that become integral to ongoing DevOps processes.

Not all application testing is created equal

See why we're trusted by 8 of the top 10 tech companies on the planet.

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Identify exposures other testing won’t find

From new and emerging vulnerabilities to deep code review and business logic flaws, our application testing procedures uncover more categories of exposures than any other service provider in the market.

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See how your applications stand up to real-world threats

Our application testers are skilled experts who have the training to replicate an attacker's mindset. Rest assured that when we test your applications, we’re using the same tactics and techniques as attackers to ensure exposures are “real-world exploitable.”

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Deliver more secure applications and data

Our application testing procedures look for business logic flaws, circumvention of workflows, and insecure code, enabling developers to proactively address critical issues during the software development life cycle.

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Identify applications flaws and get remediation recommendations

Our testers take the time to ensure your security team understands the specific nuances of our testing procedures and results. Our clear and prescriptive recommendations accelerate the remediation process ensuring your applications are no longer exposed.

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Meet growing regulatory and third-party requirements

Bishop Fox goes above and beyond simply marking off compliance checkboxes. Our methodologies exceed even the most stringent requirements with customized reporting tailored to your individual needs so you have the best outcomes.


We're proud to work with the brands you love to protect your data and privacy.

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