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Cosmos Attack Surface Management

Stay Ahead of Perimeter Threats

Cosmos Attack Surface Management (CASM) combines advanced attack surface technology with expert-driven testing to help you remediate business-impacting exposures and strengthen resilience against an ever-changing spectrum of perimeter threats.

Minimize the window of exploitability

The average critical vulnerability is exposed for 74 days. That's plenty for attackers to take advantage.

Keeping an up-to-date inventory of internet-facing assets becomes more difficult as businesses evolve rapidly. With new vulnerabilities appearing daily, this situation provides an ideal scenario for attackers. Although automated tools have made strides in closing the gap, they often overwhelm security teams with excessive results and false positives, making it easy to miss critical vulnerabilities amid the flood of alerts.

reveal the vulnerabilities that count

Modern Attack Surfaces Demand More Than Automation

CASM lays the foundation for proactive perimeter protection with a fully managed service that merges attack surface management with expert-driven testing to uncover the threats that matter.

Abstract representation of an attack surface perimeter being mapped by the Cosmos Attack Surface Management (CASM) platform.

See everything. Miss nothing.

Take the advantage away from adversaries. Discover your attack surface before they do.

Covers the Complete Spectrum of Perimeter Assets
Leverages a domain-centric approach that reveals your entire digital footprint including subdomains, networks, cloud, applications, third-party infrastructure, and more.

Maintains An Up-to-Date View of the Attack Surface
Provides an updated inventory of perimeter assets by regularly updating your attack surface's representation, utilizing a combination of publicly accessible data and proprietary discovery techniques.

Validates Ownership of Assets
Leverages a specialized team with expertise in attack surface reconnaissance to meticulously verify asset ownership, ensuring that you receive an authentic and comprehensive representation of your perimeter.

Cosmos new analyzers identifies misconfigurations, sensitive info leaks, vulnerability management, insecure applications, weak passwords, exposed github gists, and insecure web services.

Illuminate highly coveted exposures

Not all vulnerabilities have the same appeal. We zero in on the ones most prized by attackers.

Finds the Exposures Attackers Target
Covers a comprehensive number of exposure categories that real-world adversaries target including exposed services, misconfigurations, vulnerable software, credential reuse, information disclosures, subdomain takeovers, and more.

Diligently Monitors for New Perimeter Risks
Leverages an advanced reconnaissance engine and unique discovery methods to strategically scan for new vulnerabilities, responding promptly to emerging threats and shifts across the attack surface.

Remains A Step Ahead of Developing Threats
Keeps discovery capabilities on the cutting-edge with new analyzers that identify actively exploited issues, newly released CVEs, and less traditionally severe vulnerabilities that are often missed.

ATT&CK diagram showing the Tactic: Initial Access CVE 2019-18935, software: Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX, Version 2014.3.1024.40, Exploit: Upload Malicious DLL, Alert: User-Level Host Compromise.

Act only on validated threats

The last thing you need is more noise. That's why we verify the exploitability of every threat.

Eliminates Burdensome Triage Processes
Inspects all scanning results on your behalf eliminating noise, false positives, and duplicative findings before assigning exposure leads for verification testing.

Verifies Exploitability With Expert-Driven Testing
Leverages an in-house team of highly-skilled testers, including experts from the NSA, DoD, and renowned bug bounty hunters, committed to continuously evaluating your perimeter's security and confirming vulnerability exploitability.

Emulates the Ingenuity of Real-world Threats
Uses the same publicly available toolsets as the bad guys — plus proprietary methods and novel exploits developed over two decades of conducting offensive security engagements.

Bishop Fox Cosmos Attack Surface Management (CASM) solution provides live collaboration on an encrypted slack channel around findings details, and testing of new targets.

Eliminate Exposures Before Exploitation

In the race against attackers, time decides the victor. We keep you a step ahead.

Prioritizes Action Were It's Needed Most
Delivers a curated list of verified vulnerabilities, accompanied by actionable guidance and detailed evidence of exploitation, to streamline and prioritize remediation efforts on threats with the potential to cause significant business impact.

Amplifies Your Security Team's Capabilities
Offers your security personnel encrypted, direct communication with our expert testers for query resolution, further validation, and to perform testing on newly identified targets or areas of interest as needed.

Eliminates the Uncertainty of Successful Remediation
Conducts on-demand retesting of vulnerabilities to confirm complete resolution of all susceptible attack vectors.

Centralizes All Findings and Asset Details
Offers a unified dashboard featuring attack surface details, impact assessments of findings, historical trends, success measures, and a ranked list of issues by severity—highlighting the most critical and high-risk vulnerabilities.

Gigaom 2024 Radar report preview for attack surface management solutions.

Discover an Award-Winning Difference

Cosmos a "Leader" in GigaOm ASM Radar for 3rd Year in a Row

In its assessment of the top Attack Surface Management providers, GigaOm once again named Bishop Fox a Leader and Fast Mover for its Cosmos solution. 

"Bishop Fox’s positioning as a Leader in the Maturity/Platform Play quadrant on the Radar reflects its well-established presence in the market, combined with a comprehensive and reliable platform-based approach to ASM."

Cosmos earned scores of "Superior" to "Exceptional" across all Business Criteria evaluated by the analyst firm — including Flexibility, Scalability, Cost, and Ease of Use. Read the report to learn more.

Our Difference. Your Outcomes

CASM cuts through the noise focusing you only on business impacting exposures.

Attack surface discovery icon.

Uncover the full scope of your attack surface

CASM leaves no stone unturned discovering every potential target across your perimeter, including the assets you don’t know about.

Icon for visibility into vulnerabilities.

Maintain an accurate view of perimeter assets

CASM delivers peace of mind that your evolving digital footprint is accounted for with always-on asset detection and ownership verification.

Icon Continuous Attack

Reveal the exposures attackers specifically target

CASM illuminates the opportunistic vulnerabilities attackers covet including those often overlooked stepping stones used in more complex attack chains.


Outpace attackers to rapidly emerging threats

CASM proactively addresses time-sensitive, highly exploitable threats preventing attackers from capitalizing on susceptible assets.

Icon Red Team

Focus on exposures that are confirmed to be exploitable

CASM prioritizes corrective action on exposures that are verified to be exploitable and business-impacting under real-world attack conditions.

Icon Screen Gauge

Minimize the window of attacker opportunity

CASM shrinks the timeframe adversaries have to exploit exposures with actionable guidance, access to testing experts, and on-demand retesting.

Icon Noise Filtration

Eliminate the firehose of false positives

CASM shoulders the burden of triage throughout the exposure management process saving your team precious time and resources for other priorities.

Bishop Fox case study on how Equifax works with Bishop Fox for attack surface management to monitor their external perimeter showing a woman looking at her cell phone.
Customer Logo

Equifax Embraces Continuous Testing

With operations across the globe and services that play an essential role in the global economy, Equifax was seeking a way to map and track changes to thousands of domains and subdomains. Find out how Bishop Fox expanded attack surface visibility and strengthened perimeter defenses against emerging threats.


Shaun Marion

Chief Information Security Officer at Republic Services

We knew we needed something beyond just another scanning solution. [Cosmos] offered us attack surface discovery. The service showed us about the things we weren't even aware of. We didn't have to provide a list of IP addresses to scan; to the contrary, they discovered our attack surface for us and began scanning immediately.

Are you ready? Start defending forward.

Are you ready to uncover your digital footprint and get a real-time, attacker’s view of your perimeter? Request a demo to see Cosmos Attack Surface Management in action.

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