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Cosmos External Penetration Testing

Leave no risk unchecked while compliance is met.

Cosmos External Penetration Testing (CEPT) builds on Cosmos Attack Surface Management to provide the highest level of attack surface protection with post-exploitation activities to determine the business impact of exposures and annual penetration tests to meet growing regulatory requirements.

Uncover the haystack, zero in on the needles

The average organization has 11,000 exploitable exposures but only 2% lead to critical assets.

Organizations continue to grapple with an ever-expanding attack surface riddled with well known and unorthodox exposures, ripe for exploitation. While automated tools are adept at finding these threats, they continue to overwhelm security teams with irrelevant alerts, obscuring critical vulnerabilities with high post-exploitation impact. As regulatory bodies increasingly require concrete evidence of preemptive threat management, the limitations of these solutions become apparent, necessitating a more effective approach.

Leave attackers nowhere to hide

Amplify the scope of assessment

CEPT expands the coverage of Cosmos Attack Surface Management (CASM) to uncover a wider array of exposures, determine their business impact, and meet your specific audit and compliance needs.

Abstract representation of security operation teams using continuous integration security testing tools to conduct offensive security penetration testing.

Leave nothing to chance

CASM covers key vulnerabilities. CEPT handles the rest.

Though unconventional attack vectors don't typically lead to significant business threats, taking precautions is essential. CEPT leaves nothing to chance, addressing both unusual attack possibilities and hygiene-related vulnerabilities to reinforce your overall security stance.

Amplifies Attack Surface Reconnaissance
Conducts additional analysis of your digital footprint, combining public data, specialized scans, and innovative techniques to identify potential vectors of unconventional attack strategies.

Expands Exposure Coverage
Discovers a wider range of potential vulnerabilities, covering atypical aspects associated with remote access, file transfers, databases, messaging systems, and other areas.

Validates Exploitability Under Real-world Conditions
Utilizes expert testers to confirm susceptibility, ensuring immediate attention to high-impact vulnerabilities and guidance on addressing lower severity issues to enhance cyber hygiene.

Funnel of external assets leaking data.

Take testing beneath the surface

Real danger is tied to what happens post-exploitation. We illuminate what's at risk.

Validating the exploitability of threats is essential for addressing verified risks. However, prioritizing the most critical issues demands context. CEPT emulates the entire attack chain shedding light on vulnerable internal systems that enables a more targeted focus on business-impacting issues while informing improvement of the security posture.

Emulates Sophisticated and Covert Attacks
Leverages highly skilled testers who can mimic the creative tactics and achieve the objectives of advanced persistent and stealthy attackers that have infiltrated your systems.

Employs Innovative Tools and Techniques
Unleashes the full arsenal of advanced weaponry and novel techniques your security controls and programs will likely face in a real-world attack scenario.

Circumvents Advanced Security Measures
Uses strategic methods to navigate past sophisticated security controls, assessing your detection and response capabilities against potential compromise of critical assets.

Aligns Severity Ratings to Proven Business-Impact
Enhances severity categorization, aligning ratings with the demonstrated capability of our testers to breach sensitive internal systems and extract data.

Capture the flag graphical representation with fox on purple flag planted at top of a meshed mountain.

Meet due diligence requirements

Demonstrate your commitment to security. We give you the proof your stakeholders demand.

Demonstrating genuine security commitment demands more than what automated solutions can deliver. CEPT fills the void with certified expert-driven testing and detailed assessment letters that meet even the toughest regulatory standards.

Supports Any Assessment Frequency
Provides pre-built packages and a quick initiation model tailored to meet the specific timing needs of regulators, insurers, and other key stakeholders.

Delivers Proof of Security Commitment
Provisions of a comprehensive attestation letter that verifies compliance with regulatory standards such as PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, GDPR, and others.

Eliminates the Burden of Sourcing Compliance Evaluators
Simplifies the hunt for certified testers and reduces vendor sprawl by offering a comprehensive service for both perimeter monitoring and compliance testing through a single provider.

Our Benefits. Your Outcomes.

CEPT amplifies CASM's capabilities, broadening exposure detection and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Icon of Bishop Fox External Penetration Testing Service.

Uncover Additional and Complex Exposures Types

Identify a broader range of vulnerabilities across diverse attack vectors that could be used as gateways to more sophisticated attacks.

Icon for visibility into vulnerabilities.

Illuminate Internal Systems and Data At Risk

Go beyond surface-level testing to identify critical internal systems, services, and data impacted by the originating exposure.

Icon Lock Print

Identify Misconfigured Controls and Security Gaps

Stay ahead of attackers by proactively discovering and addressing security flaws and systemic weaknesses across your complete attack surface.

Icon Screen Sparkline

Enhance Severity Ratings Aligned to True Business Impact

Take immediate action to mitigate vulnerabilities confirmed to be exploitable and possessing the potential to cause significant business harm.

Icon Pie Chart Process

Assess the Efficacy of Managed Detection and Response Programs

Stress-test your security team and identify areas of improvement against cutting-edge attack methods crafted to bypass advanced defenses.

Icon of a Document with Checklist

Satisfy Compliance and Due Diligence Requirements

Take the guesswork out of compliance and prove your commitment to proactive threat management with certified assessors and letters of attestation.

Gigaom 2024 Radar report preview for attack surface management solutions.

Discover an Award-Winning Difference

Cosmos a "Leader" in GigaOm ASM Radar for 3rd Year in a Row

In its assessment of the top Attack Surface Management providers, GigaOm once again named Bishop Fox a Leader and Fast Mover for its Cosmos solution. 

"Bishop Fox’s positioning as a Leader in the Maturity/Platform Play quadrant on the Radar reflects its well-established presence in the market, combined with a comprehensive and reliable platform-based approach to ASM."

Cosmos earned scores of "Superior" to "Exceptional" across all Business Criteria evaluated by the analyst firm — including Flexibility, Scalability, Cost, and Ease of Use. Read the report to learn more.

Are you ready? Start defending forward.

Are you ready to uncover your digital footprint and get a real-time, attacker’s view of your perimeter? Request a demo to see the Cosmos platform in action.

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