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Gain an insider's perspective

Internal Penetration Testing Services

Our team of highly experienced consultants put your internal security controls to the test. Conducting zero, partial, or full knowledge assessments, we emulate the actions of attackers that have gained a foothold in your network uncovering vulnerable systems, pathways, and data at risk.

Internal Penetration Testing

Keep internal assets internal

Once an attacker has gained access to your environment, the real challenge begins. Often flying under the radar of internal security controls, malicious insiders and external adversaries covertly gain access to sensitive systems under the guise of legitimate users. Exfiltrating data and often destroying systems in the process, the consequences can be business altering.

Bishop Fox's internal penetration testing helps you proactively discover and address gaps and weaknesses in security controls before an insider can take advantage. Our experts leverage a multi-point methodology uncovering targets and weaknesses that could allow an adversary to escalate privileges, move undetected, and ultimately retrieve sensitive data or access critical functionality.

Arming your security team with clear and actionable results, we walk you through findings and recommendations, ensuring guidance and remediations are prioritized against your critical assets. This end-to-end engagement ultimately enables your security team to harden internal systems and security controls while meeting regulatory, third party, and business stakeholder requirements.

Internal Penetration Testing highlights:

  • Simulate the Attack Path: See systems and vulnerabilities the same way an insider would — as links in an attack chain that can have serious impact on your business. Our experts identify and map attack paths and exploit chains that allow an adversary to escalate privileges and steal data from your internal servers and databases.
  • Find the Footholds & Assess the Damage: We provide actionable insight into how much damage an attacker can cause once they gain access to corporate assets. For example, do you know how far an onsite visitor could get if they plugged their laptop into the local network?
  • Pressure Test Your Defenses: See how your security controls perform against real-world attacks across a variety of risk scenarios. Use our assessment to verify that security teams and technologies are set up to successfully alert on emerging threats.
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Peek under the hood

Our Internal Penetration Testing Methodology

Bishop Fox’s Internal Penetration Testing (IPT) methodology identifies security vulnerabilities by simulating the threat of a malicious insider or compromised internal host attempting to exploit designated target networks and applications. These zero-, partial-, or full-knowledge assessments are time boxed and focused on achieving the penetration-test objectives.

Key Benefits

We help you proactively assess the biggest risks to your business – before impact.

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Customized Risk Assessment Reports

Move beyond endless vulnerability reports and checklists. Choose from zero-, partial-, or full-knowledge assessments. Maybe it’s time-boxed. Or more comprehensive - focused on a specific mission. Forget generic enumeration of vulnerabilities. With Bishop Fox, you’ll walk away with real understanding of insider threats unique to your organization.

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Repeatable, Standardized Process

Assure your auditor you have a standardized internal security assessment process. While we cater each engagement to each customer, we follow a standard, repeatable four-step process which includes: Network Discovery, Network Service Enumeration, Vulnerability Identification, and Vulnerability Exploitation.

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Deep Testing and Manual Verification

Our customers rely on accurate findings and remediations simply not possible with automated testing alone. Our consultants use their years of experience testing networks and apply industry standard methodologies to ensure coverage and depth of testing.

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Go Beyond Risk Ratings

Yes, tools can scan your internal network for vulnerabilities, unmanaged hosts, or insecure endpoints, plus return a risk rating based on these findings. The downside? These reports aren’t actionable. Get expert remediation guidance along with full testing of the most critical vulnerabilities.

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Get Management on Board

Internal penetration tests raise the alarm to execs and give security teams the ammunition to invest in security technologies and programs. Once leaders see how easy it is to simulate an attack – from the inside – they’ll soon see the value in their security team and resources.

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Securing Sensitive Legal Data

“The engagement not only increased our confidence in our systems but is also proving very valuable in discussions with prospects.” — Adrien van den Branden, Co-founder and CEO, Canyon

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