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Go Beyond Configuration Review

Cloud Penetration Testing

Fortify your cloud defenses with a complete testing methodology that extends beyond configuration reviews to illuminate high-risk entry points, overprivileged access, and susceptible internal pathways that are commonly targeted by attackers.

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Montage of Bishop Fox customers with security consultants working on product penetration testing and IIot security testing

Put Your Cloud to the Ultimate Test

Don't Let Simulation Become Reality

Bishop Fox's Cloud Penetration Testing combines best-in-class technology and deep cloud expertise to test your cloud environment and its weaknesses against the most common attack pathways. Starting with an objective-based approach, we put you in the driver’s seat with complete control of the outcome of your test. You define the scenario to achieve a true depiction of what would happen if a skilled adversary took aim at your protected assets.

Peeling back the complex layers of your cloud environment, we put your environment to the test against the same tactics, techniques, and procedures you’re likely to face in a real-world encounter. Extending analysis beyond simple misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, our assessors will uncover a variety of weaknesses and gaps - from unguarded entry points to overprivileged access and vulnerable internal pathways. Cutting through the noise that plagues baseline testing, we focus your security team where it makes the biggest impact.

Delivering actionable insights and prescriptive recommendations based on the issues attackers are most likely to exploit, your team can focus their time and efforts on findings that ultimately improves resiliency to shut future attackers out before they even have a chance.

Test Beyond the Baseline

Test Your Cloud Environment Against the Latest Attacker Techniques

Our Cloud Penetration Testing engagement tests your cloud ecosystem against todays most advanced adversary tradecraft. As a result, we deliver valuable, focused insights into tactical and strategic mitigations that make the most impact.

Visualization of a complex cloud environments and the methods to exploit them.

Test your cloud environments against the latest in attacker ingenuity

Cloud environments are layered and complex. We understand their intricacies and the methods to exploit them.

Cloud Threat Expertise

Uses the brightest minds in cloud security and their decades of proven experience to unravel the complexity of your cloud environments and uncover exposed attack paths.

Cloud Attack Ingenuity

Applies creative tactics, techniques, and procedures mimicking the persistence of a skilled adversary determined to accomplish their objectives.

Cutting-edge Automation and Toolsets

Puts defenses to the ultimate test applying an arsenal of open-source and proprietary offensive capabilities purpose-built to emulate the modern threat actor.

Visualization of cloud attack types including privilege escalation, brute force, ransomware overlaid on top of a world map.

Model testing against the scenarios you fear most

Determine your objectives. Set the targets. We’ll execute against it regardless of the environment.

Complete Attack Scenario Flexibility

Adapts testing to accommodate any cloud environment, system, and target, including execution of attack scenarios that concern you most.

Objective-focused Testing

Gives you complete control to set the outcomes of your engagement - whether it’s a compromised cloud application or service, compromised or malicious user or completely customized objectives – you’re in control.

Realistic Exploitation Simulation

Captures the realism of how a skilled adversary would abuse cloud misconfigurations, compromise systems, escalate privileges, and jeopardize sensitive information in a real-world attack scenario.

Icon of a cloud and its critical, low severity, and false positive exploitable paths.

Peel back the layers of your cloud environment and reveal the security gaps that lie within  

Identify critical and exploitable cloud attack paths. Surface the issues that present greatest risk.

Rogue Cloud Access Identification

Uncover users, accounts, and groups with unintended or over privileged access to sensitive areas and information within your cloud environment.   

Cloud-Access Entry Point

Illuminates the different ways an adversary could capitalize on unintended entry points including exploitation of applications, trusted relationships, and valid accounts.    

Internal Risk Analysis

Pinpoints vulnerable applications, services, and pathways that adversaries could use to move within your environment and reach their intended targets. 

Strong cloud security defenses represented by a solid purple cube versus crumbling cubes.

Pave a path to elite cloud resiliency 

Don’t let simulation become reality. Strengthen cloud defenses where you need it most.

Contextual Cloud Attack Insights

Provides an in-depth review of how assessors compromised your trophy targets, pivoted to restricted portions of the cloud environment, gathered customer data, and/or accessed privileged credentials. 

Exploit Likelihood Analysis 

Determines the likelihood of discovered exposures being exercised by an attacker including details on threat-source motivation, nature of the vulnerability, and efficacy of mitigating controls.   

Impact Severity Scoring

Measures the potential impact that security gaps have on your organization and its customers using a proprietary scoring method based on real-world observations and industry-standard methodologies such as OWASP and CVSS.   

Executive and Detailed Finding Breakdowns

Tailors reporting to Executive and technical audiences detailing the engagement process, findings, and recommendations aligned to business and operational objectives. 

Key Benefits

Achieve Results with Efficiency and Efficacy

Icon for visibility into vulnerabilities.

View Your Cloud Environment Through the Lense of a Seasoned Attacker

Experienced cloud attackers think and execute differently. Get a true depiction of what would happen if a skilled adversary took aim at your protected assets.

Icon of network matrix.

Tailor Testing to the Scenarios That You Fear Most

Test protections against your most dreaded attack situations and relevant techniques with flexible design of your testing engagement.

Icon of a cloud with its network.

Discover Weaknesses Baseline Assessments Miss

Solely focusing on misconfigurations is a recipe for risk. Discover the full spectrum of exposures and internal pathways attackers could use to their advantage.

Icon of a cloud infrastructure.

Measure the Strength of Your Cloud-Based Defenses

You’re only strong as your weakest link. Assess your defensive posture and identify opportunities to strengthen defenses against the latest cloud-based attacker tactics and techniques.

Icon of a target.

Focus Time and Resources Where It Makes the Biggest Impact

Time is a precious resource. Cut through the noise and focus your team’s corrective actions on critical issues attackers are most likely to exploit. 

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Pave a Path to Heightened Cloud Resiliency

Avoid repeating the same mistakes. Gain collective buy-in from functional leaders that supports long-term initiatives to harden cloud environments against future threats.

Cover page of the Cloud Penetration Testing methodology.

Peek Under The Hood

Explore Cloud Penetration Testing Methodology

Bishop Fox’s Cloud Penetration Testing (CPT) methodology addresses security issues across the cloud infrastructure, with in-depth analysis of cloud configuration review, common threat analysis, and penetration testing of your high impact cloud weaknesses. Download the complete methodology to see what you can expect when you work with us.


Seth Art


Seth Art

Alumnus Principal Security Consultant

Seth Art (OSCP) is a Principal Security Consultant at Bishop Fox, where he currently focuses on penetration testing cloud environments, Kubernetes clusters, and traditional internal networks.

Seth is the author of multiple open-source projects including IAM Vulnerable, Bad Pods, celeryStalk, and PyCodeInjection, has presented at security conferences, including DerbyCon and BSidesDC, published multiple CVEs, and is the founder of IthacaSec, a security meetup in upstate NY.

More about Seth

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