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Keep the perimeter secure

External Penetration Testing Services

Our team of highly experienced consultants puts your external security controls to the test. Conducting zero, partial, or full knowledge assessments, we execute real-world attack scenarios that uncover gaps and weaknesses that could grant adversaries unauthorized access to your protected networks.

External Penetration Testing

Zero in on your biggest risks with external penetration testing.

Simulating an attacker's experience requires more than an automated vulnerability scan. Our external penetration methodology covers the full spectrum of your perimeter — websites, assets, systems, applications — if an attacker will target it, you can guarantee we will put it to the test.

Using a multi-point methodology and proprietary toolsets, our automated and manual techniques recreate real-world attack conditions, giving you unprecedented insight across your perimeter assets and the vulnerabilities adversaries specifically target.

Our clear and actionable findings arm your team with prioritized recommendations that ultimately enhance prevention and detection capabilities while satisfying regulatory, third party, and business stakeholder requirements.

External Penetration Testing highlights:

  • Take an attacker's perspective: Our network discovery methods uncover the full array of your externally-facing assets, enabling testers to target and exploit high reward systems in the same way real-world adversaries would.
  • Illuminate prevention and detection weaknesses: Our multi-point methodology goes beyond automated scanning, conducting exploitation of applications, brute-forcing, information retrieval attacks, and more extensive techniques that grant assessors access to unauthorized systems.
  • Take action before attackers do: Adversaries are armed with the same tactics and techniques as our testers. Beat them to the punch with clear and actionable guidance that addresses critical vulnerabilities and defensive weaknesses and strengthen prevention and detection capabilities.
Bishop Fox external penetration testing review methodology document with a stamp that has the word methodology imprinted.

Peek under the hood

Our External Penetration Testing Methodology

Bishop Fox’s external penetration testing methodology identifies security vulnerabilities by simulating the real-world threat of an attacker attempting to exploit target networks and applications. These zero-, partial-, or full-knowledge assessments begin with the discovery of externally identifiable systems and the footprinting of designated networks and applications.

Secure your borderless perimeter

Get a complete view of your external security posture.

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Map out attack paths to see where your biggest risks lie

Our external penetration tests illustrate a simulated attack path an external attacker could take — from how to gather and weaponize public information to how to find and exploit high-value internet-facing assets. Use our findings and recommendations to shore up holes in your external defenses.

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Validate policies, verify security controls, and fill the gaps

Our customers use our external penetration tests to validate external security policies, pressure-test firewall configurations, and verify that remediation measures have been correctly implemented after a security incident or compromise. When it comes to cybersecurity, trust but always verify.

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Accelerate compliance for PCI-DSS, FINRA, and more

Many of our customers rely on our expertise to help them meet and manage their compliance requirements — from PCI-DSS to HIPAA to FINRA and others. Our reports provide auditors documented proof that an organization has implemented regular scanning procedures and understands their external security posture.

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Gain a real-world perspective on risk

Generic vulnerability reports either provide a false sense of security or overwhelm teams with volumes of irrelevant data. Our pen tests and reports give you a view only an advanced and creative attacker can give you — one that’s accurate and actionable.

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Leverage highly skilled and informed testing

While each engagement is unique, our process remains the same. After gathering open-source intelligence, we conduct: domain and sub-domain enumeration, CIDR block enumeration, network scanning for open services, vulnerability identification, and vulnerability exploitation.

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Reduce your attack surface area

Simulating real-world attacks against your perimeter is the first step to shoring up your defenses. Go beyond a single snapshot from an automated test — gain the accuracy, credibility, and context to truly reduce your overall attack surface area.

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Expose security gaps in your perimeter

Our external penetration testing reports expose the biggest and most visible gaps in your security infrastructure. Too often, teams invest in the programs with the loudest hype rather than the biggest payoff. Let us help you achieve the real outcomes you need to improve your security.

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Demonstrate competitive differentiation

A regular external penetration testing program shows your customers, partners, and other stakeholders how seriously you take cybersecurity. In addition to helping you achieve and maintain compliance, our services strengthen your posture and help you gain customer trust.

A hand opening an August Home Smart Lock that Bishop Fox performed mobile application penetration testing. August: Built-in Security in IoT Devices.
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Home security meets cybersecurity

To ensure the security of its product, August Home sought a firm that could assess all aspects of the product — hardware, firmware, and software. Their search led them to Bishop Fox.

Inside the Fox Den

Meet Our Featured Fox


Matt Thoreson

Senior Security Consultant

Matt Thoreson (OSCP, CISSP) is a Senior Consultant at Bishop Fox and leads the External Penetration Testing service, His primary focuses are penetration testing external and internal networks. Matt also has extensive experience in red teaming, social engineering, and mobile application testing. He has advised Fortune 500 brands and startups in industries such as technology, healthcare, energy, finance, and retail. His professional achievements include leading a red teaming engagement for a state-wide energy provider, performing black-box testing for a multi-national energy company, and creating and operating a threat analysis project for a regional university consortium.

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