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Getting Red Teaming Right: A How-to Guide

Read our eBook to learn how Red Teaming can provide the ultimate training ground for your defenses, assessing how well (or not) intrusions are detected and how an attacker can move throughout your network to achieve exfiltration.

Bishop Fox's Ransomware Readiness eBook with compass imagery

The Offensive Security Guide to Ransomware Readiness

image of purple eBook cover with blue text and white page with graphs on dark background

Fortifying Your Applications: A Guide to Penetration Testing

A cover report imagery with charts and infinity ring

Shifting Left: A DevSecOps Field Guide

Bishop Fox eBook cover Looking Toward Cosmos: Business Justification for Continuous Penetration Testing.

Looking Toward the Cosmos: Making the Case for Continuous Offensive Security

Vintage vinyl record sleeve featuring a purple fox with Greatest hits of offensive testing tools in 2022. Greatest Hits: A Compilation of Our Favorite Offensive Testing Tools.

Greatest Hits: A Compilation of Our Favorite Offensive Testing Tools

Ransomware readiness self-assessment guide cover and 2 white pages showing a questionnaire and one purple and black cover page with a maze and blue writing Ransomware self Readiness guide. All on dark purple to black background.

Ready or Not: A Ransomware Self-Assessment

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Preview cover page of the technical guide highlighting the capabilities of it, a Linux code injection security tool.
Guide Compromise Trusted Linux Processes and Containers

Top 50 Questions to Ask When Evaluating Offensive Security Providers check list first page preview

Evaluating Offensive Security Solutions: Top 50 Questions to Ask

ebook cover: "The wolf in Sheep Clothing" How low-risk exposures become catalysts for destructive attacks

The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Bishop Fox Penetration Testing Resource Guide preview

Penetration Testing Resource Guide

Illustration of 3 documents next to each other

Breaking & Entering: A Pocket Guide for Friendly Remote Admins

Bishop Fox Eyeballer ebook cover page

Eyeballer: Automating Security Triage with Machine Learning

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