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Fortifying Your Applications: A Guide to Penetration Testing

Download this eBook to explore key aspects of application penetration testing, questions to ask along the way, how to evaluate vendors, and our top recommendations to make the most of your pen test based on almost two decades of experience and thousands of engagements.

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Make the Most of Your Application Pen Test 

Application security is and should be a top concern for developers and security professionals alike. Web application attacks have become one of the leading causes of data breaches in the past six years. Using a delicate balance of automated and manual analysis, application pen testing strengthens application security by finding conspicuous exposures and hidden weaknesses across the application attack surface. Getting the most from an application penetration test means being informed and asking questions – this will only serve to improve your application security programs moving forward.

Whether you are stepping into the pen testing world for the first time, or you’ve been involved in dozens of pen testing engagements, this eBook will guide you on the fundamentals of pen testing, how to thoroughly evaluate potential pen test vendors, and our top recommendations for garnering the most value from your pen test engagement. Upon completion of reading, you’ll be armed with a full-scope plan to gain the maximum ROI from an application pen test engagement as well as how to strategize with security testers to address the root cause of vulnerabilities for future design and developments.

Topics covered include:

  • Key aspects of pen testing
  • Questions to ask during the process
  • How to evaluate vendors
  • Top tips for a successful engagement

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About the author, Dan Petro

Lead Researcher at Bishop Fox

Dan Petro is a Lead Researcher at Bishop Fox and focuses on application penetration testing (static and dynamic), product security reviews, network penetration testing (external and internal), and cryptographic analysis. Dan has presented at several Black Hats and DEF CONs on topics such as hacking smart safes, hijacking Google Chromecasts, and weaponizing AI. He has developed several open-source tools including Untwister, which breaks pseudorandom number generators. Additionally, Dan has been quoted in Wired, The Guardian, Business Insider, and Mashable. Dan holds both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Arizona State University.
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