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Looking Toward the Cosmos: Making the Case for Continuous Offensive Security

Download this eBook to uncover the factors and inputs used in our customizable ROI calculator that are critical to making the business case for continuous offensive testing. The output of the calculator is intended to help you draw a direct line from investment to risk mitigation that can be communicated to both technical and non-technical decision makers.

Bishop Fox eBook cover Looking Toward Cosmos: Business Justification for Continuous Penetration Testing.

Determine Your Security ROI with a Customizable Security Risk Calculator

It’s no secret, attack surfaces are increasing at an uncontrollable rate. Fueled by expanding applications, cloud adoption, IoT, and the interconnected nature of modern businesses – security teams face an uphill battle outpacing adversaries to environmental exposures. 

While automated approaches have rapidly evolved to help security teams achieve scale, they leave limited personnel to address an overwhelming number of exposures that often lack real-world exploitability. On the flipside, point-in-time testing uncovers exposures that are real-world exploitable but lacks the scale of continuous discovery. Unfortunately, this imbalance results in a lapse of coverage that is ripe with attacker opportunity.

While organizations look to close the gap with continuous offensive testing, it is often prohibitive to operationalize with in-house resources. Fortunately, the rise of continuous offensive security solutions has enabled organizations to achieve objectives at a fraction of the cost. However, competing priorities and overlap in existing programs often make it difficult to justify additional investment without quantifiable risk and return that is contextual to an organization’s business.

In this eBook:

  • We’ll cover the factors, inputs, and calculations that are critical to making the business case for continuous offensive testing.
  • We introduce our customized return on investment (ROI) calculator that is purposely designed to produce two data points that are critical to justifying spend: cost savings and mitigation of risk associated with a public breach that results in data disclosure.
  • Output of the model is intended to draw a direct line from investment to risk mitigation that can be communicated to both technical and non-technical decision makers.

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About the author, Wes Hutcherson

Director of Product Marketing at Bishop Fox

Wes Hutcherson is the Director of Product Marketing for Bishop Fox where he oversees market intelligence, competitive research and go-to-market strategies. His multi-faceted, technology and cyber security experience spans over a decade with market leaders such as eSentire, Hewlett-Packard and Dell SecureWorks.
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