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The Offensive Security Blueprint for Financial Services

Bishop Fox's Financial Services industry cut provides a comprehensive analysis of offensive security trends within financial services, using industry data gathered from our joint research report with the Ponemon Institute.

Ponemon report on offensive security for Financial Services title with preview of the guide.

FinServ organizations demonstrate a unique approach to security, viewing it as a shared responsibility rather than a competitive advantage. Through forums like FS-ISAC, they openly share innovations and collaborate on security practices, including Red Team approaches and methodologies. This collaborative mindset strengthens the overall security posture of the industry.

Derived from the Ponemon Institute’s 2023 State of Offensive Security Report, Bishop Fox's industry cut provides a comprehensive analysis of offensive security trends within the financial services (FinServ) sector. The results included are based on the responses from 133 participants who represent FinServ organizations – representing 20% of the total sample.

The purpose of this perspective is two-fold:

  • Provide security leaders at FinServ organizations with insights into the present landscape of offensive security practices within the industry, and
  • Emphasize essential factors that these organizations should consider in their security strategies.

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