Bishop Fox named “Leader” in 2024 GigaOm Radar for Attack Surface Management. Read the Report ›

Bishop Fox Cosmos Named Only Platform Leader in Attack Surface Management by GigaOm

GigaOm Radar Report Recognizes Cosmos’ Flexible Asset Discovery and High-Touch Delivery Methodology as Competitive Differentiators


PHOENIX, AZ – May 5, 2022 Bishop Fox, the leading authority in offensive security, today announced that its Cosmos platform was designated as the only Leader in the Maturity/Platform Play quadrant in the GigaOm Radar Report for Attack Surface Management (ASM).

GigaOm ranked Cosmos as exceptional in flexible asset discovery, asset categorization, and user experience. Recognized as a fast mover, the platform proactively defends dynamic attack surfaces by combining advanced technology, automation, and expert-driven penetration testing to deliver continuous offensive security.

GigaOm Attack Surface Management Radar Chart

“Bishop Fox’s Cosmos service is revolutionizing the way organizations protect their attack surface,” said GigaOm analyst and report author Chris Ray. “While most providers are only focused on discovery of assets and potential exposures, Bishop Fox has taken it a step further by combining attack surface management with automation and continuous human testing. This novel approach not only confirms which exposures are exploitable but the level of danger they present post-exploitation. With security teams already overwhelmed, another tool with endless, questionable alerts is the last thing they need. Cosmos cuts through the noise, helping security professionals identify and fix issues that pose real-world risk.”

The GigaOm report offers an in-depth overview of the vendors in the ASM space, evaluating their solutions based on well-defined features and key criteria. The report is a detailed market sector analysis that assesses the impact that key product features and criteria have on top-line solution characteristics, such as extensibility, frequency of discovery, and user experience, that drive purchase decisions.

“Cosmos represents the next generation of offensive security and is purpose-built to produce meaningful, actionable outcomes to improve our customers’ security posture,” said Vincent Liu, CEO at Bishop Fox. “The platform identifies, assesses, and then reports true vulnerabilities rapidly and effectively – and as GigaOm points out, with a level of precision that has resulted in ‘effectively zero’ false positives to date. With today’s complex and ever-changing attack surfaces, continuous offensive testing is essential, and we are pleased that GigaOm singles out Cosmos as the only leader in the Maturity/Platform Play quadrant.”

When Bishop Fox launched Cosmos in February 2020, the company’s vision was to revolutionize security testing and overcome the limitations of other approaches. Cosmos customers experience 30% greater attack surface coverage and zero false positives, with 2.3 billion operations executed and 13,000+ exposures identified weekly. Multiple Fortune 500 companies currently use Cosmos to secure their attack surfaces. Increasing demand for the platform saw the number of Cosmos customers more than double in 2021. Cosmos is trusted by large enterprise customers across industries, including Equifax, Zoom, and Republic Services.

The recognition is the latest honor in a series of wins for the company. Cosmos was named the winner of the Best Emerging Technology Category in 2021’s SC Media Awards, received a 2022 Stevie® American Business Award for Achievement in Product Innovation, and took home the 2022 Gold in the Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards.

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Bishop Fox is the leading authority in offensive security, providing solutions ranging from continuous penetration testing, red teaming, and attack surface management to product, cloud, and application security assessments. We’ve worked with more than 25% of the Fortune 100, half of the Fortune 10, eight of the top 10 global technology companies, and all of the top global media companies to improve their security. Our Cosmos platform, service innovation, and culture of excellence continue to gather accolades from industry award programs including Fast Company, Inc., SC Media, and others, and our offerings are consistently ranked as “world class” in customer experience surveys. We’ve been actively contributing to and supporting the security community for almost two decades and have published more than 16 open-source tools and 50 security advisories in the last five years. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter.

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