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Continuous Attack Emulation

Combine automation with expertise for ultimate protection.

Automated-only solutions leave your team scrambling to address an overwhelming number of results while attackers hone in on the ones that matter most. Cosmos shifts the advantage in your favor with a dedicated team of ethical hackers who continuously validate exploitable exposures while identifying their potential impact in real-world attack scenarios.

Focus on What Matters

57% of security professionals say their organization doesn't know which vulnerabilities pose the highest risk to their business.

Prioritizing remediation of critical exposures is increasingly challenging given the overwhelming results produced by legacy solutions. With most organizations relying on pre-defined severity classifications, resource constrained security teams are chasing down false positives and minor issues while the most dangerous vulnerabilities continue to expose valuable assets. Without context to discern the exploitability and impact of vulnerabilities in real-world attacks, adversaries will continue to have the upper hand in a race where time matters most.

Persistent Protection Against Persistent Threats

We Continuously Emulate Real-World Attacks

Our continuous testing approach reveals true exposures and post-exploitation pathways, and then delivers expert support to close attack windows.

Cosmos’ cyber complex and multi-pronged attack simulation triages leads.

Continuous testing

One-and-done approaches don’t keep pace with modern attackers.

Adversaries are constantly probing and executing attacks against your perimeter assets. To keep pace, you must beat them to the punch. The Cosmos Adversarial Operations team acts like persistent adversaries — continuously learning about your attack surface, linking findings, and executing attacks against exposed assets — just as targeted attackers would.

ATT&CK diagram showing the Tactic: Initial Access CVE 2019-18935, software: Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX, Version 2014.3.1024.40, Exploit: Upload Malicious DLL, Alert: User-Level Host Compromise.

Confirmation of vulnerability

Critical? Yes. Exploitable? Maybe.

Severity classifications rate vulnerabilities based on scoring metrics. While these ratings are integral to vulnerability scanning, they lack client-specific context, leaving your already overburdened security team to sift through an unrealistic number of results to figure out which exposures present real business risk. Cosmos Adversarial Operations removes the guesswork by safely executing initial exploitation to confirm exposures are vulnerable in real-world attack scenarios.

Breach and attack simulation workflow showing including Privilege Escalation, Credential Access, and Command & Control.

Impact Analysis

Exploitation is only the beginning. Determine how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Once an adversary has gained a foothold within the environment, the real impact begins. Anchored in the MITRE ATT&CK framework, the Cosmos Adversarial Operations team safely executes post-exploitation tactics and techniques helping your security team understand the extent to which adversaries could capitalize on susceptible assets, including internal pathways, systems, and data at risk.

Abstract representation of security operation teams using continuous integration security testing tools to conduct offensive security penetration testing.

Proprietary tools and methods

Inferior toolsets can produce inferior results. We don't take that chance.

Attackers have access to a wide variety of resources to accomplish their objectives. If they can buy it or develop it, you better believe they'll use it. The Cosmos Adversarial Operations team uses the same publicly available toolsets as the bad guys — plus proprietary methods developed over 16 years of conducting offensive security engagements.

Key Benefits

Cosmos helps you close attack windows faster by leveraging an army of experts.

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Extend security expertise

Alleviate resources constraints and accelerate skillsets with a dedicated team of ethical hackers at your disposal.

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Achieve testing at business scale

Gain the capacity to conduct continuous security testing that outpaces attackers to their targets.

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Confirm real-world exploitability

Validate exposures are exploitable in real-world attack scenarios using the same methods and toolsets of skilled adversaries.

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Determine business impact

Identify the internal pathways and susceptible systems, data, and accounts attackers could access post-exploitation.

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Improve overall security posture

Discover and address external and internal security blind spots that attackers could capitalize on.

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Close the window of opportunity

Get targeted remediation guidance and on-demand retesting that confirms exposures have been properly addressed.

Cover of the SW Labs product review of threat and vulnerability management solutions.


Learn Why Cosmos Won SC Media’s Best Emerging Technology Award.

It didn’t take SC Media long to realize Cosmos stood out from the rest of the pack. Awarded best emerging technology, SW Labs in-depth analysis concluded that “Bishop Fox isn’t just selling an Attack Surface Management (ASM) product. They’re offering a continuous offensive security service — the ASM piece merely enables and feeds that service. Think of [Cosmos] as an external penetration test that never ends.”.

Montage of Bishop Fox customers with security consultants working on product penetration testing and IIot security testing

Powering Cosmos

Our Adversarial Operations team is comprised of highly skilled experts with decades of experience.

Tasked with validating and determining the impact of exposures identified by the Cosmos platform, Adversarial Operators emulate real-world attacks helping security teams confirm the vulnerability of exposures and their potential business impact.

Comprised of highly decorated ethical hacking personnel with backgrounds that include working for the NSA and Department of Defense, Adversarial Operators are consistently recognized for their exploit ingenuity and discovery of new attack methods. Acting as an extension of our client’s security teams, Adversarial Operators dedicate themselves to delivering actionable findings with live support so exposures are addressed before attackers even know they exist.

Are you ready? Start defending forward.

Are you ready to uncover your digital footprint and get a real-time, attacker’s view of your perimeter? Request a demo to see the Cosmos platform in action.

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