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Attack Surface Management

You Can’t Secure What You Can’t See.

Outpacing modern attackers requires continuous discovery of the assets and services that comprise your dynamic attack surface. Cosmos tilts the scales in your favor by combining cutting-edge technology and human expertise to give you a 360-degree view of your ever-changing attack surface.

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Eliminate Blind Spots

70% of security professionals report that attack surface management is more complex than it was two years ago.

Maintaining a consistent and up-to-date picture of internet-facing assets is increasingly challenging due to the speed and scale of technology and service adoption. With hundreds of exposures emerging daily, continuous identification of the entire attack surface is critical to securing vulnerable assets before attackers get to them. Unfortunately, traditional technologies are incapable of uncovering the breadth of internet-facing assets, leaving security teams with dangerous blind spots adversaries are quick to capitalize on.

Uncover the Unknown

Modern Attack Surface Management

You can't secure what you don't know about. Achieve real-time visibility with continuous mapping of your entire external perimeter with Cosmos.

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See everything. Miss nothing.

Take the advantage away from adversaries. Discover your attack surface before they do.

Attackers are constantly probing your network looking for a way in. As your environment changes, one missed asset could result in potential compromise. Cosmos shifts the advantage in your favor by continuously learning about your perimeter and generating an up-to-date map of your attack surface that outpaces the speed and precision of modern threats.

Bishop Fox Cosmos attack surface discovery showing domains, subdomains, hosted applications, hosted infrastructures, third-party, and networks.

360-degree visibility

Cover the complete spectrum of assets across your attack surface, not just subcategories.

Modern IT environments are incredibly dynamic given the proliferation of technology and services — and that means a broad range of assets must be discovered. Cosmos covers a comprehensive spectrum of your digital footprint including:

  • Domains
  • Subdomains
  • Networks
  • Cloud
  • Applications
  • Third-party infrastructure
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More coverage. Less sacrifice.

Go beyond an IP-centric approach. See the attack surface how the attackers do.

Traditional solutions take an outdated IP-centric approach resulting in a false representation of your organization’s attack surface. Cosmos’ brand-centric approach ensures we continuously discover your entire attack surface in the same way as a skilled adversary would conduct deep-level reconnaissance - leaving nothing to chance.

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Illuminate more

Discovering the known is easy. Uncovering the unknown takes specialized expertise.

Legacy solutions excel at identifying known assets leveraging scanners and web crawling technology. Unfortunately, technology can only reach so far. Cosmos combines cutting-edge technology and human expertise to unearth unknown portions of the attack surface including Github repos, third party connections, shadow IT, and more.

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Bring shadow IT into the light

Clean up the attack surface. Get rid of unnecessary risk.

Unnecessary services, applications, and exposed data introduce new assets and exposures that put organizations at increased risk. Unfortunately, shadow IT is only making matters worse. Cosmos identifies non-essential and redundant technologies and services to help security teams improve hygiene and decommission susceptible assets across their attack surface.

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Discover an Award-Winning Difference

See Why Cosmos Won SC Media’s Best Emerging Technology Award.

It didn’t take SC Media long to realize Cosmos stood out from the rest of the pack. Awarded best emerging technology, SW Labs in-depth analysis concluded that “Bishop Fox isn’t just selling an ASM product. They’re offering a continuous offensive security service — the ASM piece merely enables and feeds that service. Think of [Cosmos] as an external penetration test that never ends.”

Key Benefits

Cosmos helps your security team address the complexity of attack surface management


Uncover the entire attack surface

Gain peace of mind knowing that the full scope of your perimeter is accounted for….even the assets you don’t know about.


Achieve continuous visibility

Sleep better at night knowing that as your digital footprint is changing, new assets are being discovered for proactive security.


Gain an attacker’s viewpoint

See perimeter assets and potential targets in the same way a real-world adversary would in their initial reconnaissance.


Modernize outdated approaches

Replace legacy solutions that overwhelm security teams with complexity while missing critical parts of the attack surface.


Alleviate resource constraints

Relieve overburdened personnel from deploying, managing, and tuning complicated technology.


Eliminate unnecessary risk

Identify and remove redundant services and unneeded assets that increase the scope of your attack surface.

Bishop Fox case study on how Equifax works with Bishop Fox for continuous security testing for their external perimeter showing a woman looking at her cell phone.
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Equifax Embraces Continuous Testing

With operations across the globe and services that play an essential role in the global economy, Equifax was seeking a way to map and track changes to thousands of domains and subdomains. Find out how Bishop Fox expanded attack surface visibility and strengthened perimeter defenses against emerging threats.


Shaun Marion

Chief Information Security Officer at Republic Services

We knew we needed something beyond just another scanning solution. [Cosmos] offered us attack surface discovery. The service showed us about the things we weren't even aware of. We didn't have to provide a list of IP addresses to scan; to the contrary, they discovered our attack surface for us and began scanning immediately.

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