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Introducing Cosmos

Outfox modern attackers with continuous offensive security.

Cosmos (formerly CAST) proactively defends dynamic attack surfaces by combining advanced technology, automation, and expert-driven testing.


Turn the Tables on Attackers

Cosmos delivers continuous offensive security to protect dynamic attack surfaces.

Complete Visibility

Modern attack surface management

You can't secure what you don't know about. Achieve real-time visibility with continuous mapping of your entire external perimeter — including all domains, subdomains, networks, third-party infrastructure, and more.

Eliminate Noise

True exposure identification

Identify vulnerabilities targeted in real-world scenarios, including those involved in complex attack chains, with an automated engine that eliminates the noise and illuminates true exposures.

Test & Remediate

Continuous attack emulation

Perform continuous expert-driven testing, validate exposures, and conduct post-exploitation activities to uncover at-risk pathways, systems, and data. Then operationalize the findings to close attack windows.

We Combine the Best Approaches Into a Unified Solution

How Cosmos works — and why it's different.

Cosmo’s cyber security penetration testing structure showing all stages from attack surface discovery to the remediation of security exposures.

Exposure Identification and Testing at Scale

Cosmos is purpose-built to identify, validate, and enable remediation of dangerous exposures before attackers even know they exist.

Bishop Fox Cosmos attack surface discovery showing domains, subdomains, hosted applications, hosted infrastructures, third-party, and networks.

Attack Surface Management

See everything, miss nothing across the attack surface

Continuously Discover Dynamic Assets.
Cosmos captures your entire external attack surface, discovering not only known targets but also those that are often out-of-scope for traditional technologies.

Automatically Map Your Entire Attack Surface — Even as It Changes.
Cosmos continuously learns about your perimeter, drawing upon public information and our own intelligence-gathering methods to generate an up-to-date map of your changing attack surface.

See Your Perimeter From an Attacker’s Perspective.
Cosmos employs a domain-centric approach to asset discovery and attack surface mapping – aligned with how customers, partners, and attackers target and interact with your public facing assets.

Bishop Fox Cosmos exposes vulnerable software, exposed services, subdomain takeover, credential reuse, vulnerable configurations, information disclosure, indicators of compromise.

Exposure Identification

Identify known exposures — and the sneaky ones other approaches miss

Stay on Top of Emerging Threats.
We continuously develop new exposure analyzers that identify issues being actively exploited, newly released CVEs, and traditionally less-severe vulnerabilities that are often stepping stones for sophisticated attacks.

Focus on the Five Ways Attackers Break In.
Cosmos uncovers common ways adversaries gain initial access to environments — insecure apps, misconfigurations, missing patches, bad passwords, and sensitive information disclosure.

Automatically Identify Potential Exposures.
Cosmos leverages collected intelligence and an automated exposure reconnaissance engine to identify anomalies, abnormalities, and attack surface changes that could indicate your environment is exposed to potential compromise.

Bishop Fox Cosmos eliminates noises such as false positives, incontextual issues, low severity, duplicate data to give triage leads

Eliminate the Noise

Achieve internet scale, while eliminating the firehose of false positives

Keep Pace with Modern Security Demands.
Cosmos automates work that is traditionally time-consuming, repetitive, and manual, enabling you to achieve scalability and accuracy that outpaces the speed and sophistication of attackers.

Combine Technology with Human Expertise for Better Outcomes.
Leveraging automated processing, proprietary analyzers, and client-specific intelligence, Cosmos streamlines hand-off processes and prioritizes high-fidelity exposures for human testing.

Eliminate Noise and Burdensome False Positives.
Cosmos inspects every exposure to filter out the false positives and surface only real issues. Additionally, the platform confirms true negatives to ensure valuable resources aren't wasted addressing non-issues.

Comos operators pen test triaged leads and use complex, multi-pronged attack emulation

Continuous Attack Emulation

Emulate real-world attacks executed by expert testers, not automated scripts or check box approaches

Execute Real-world Attack Scenarios.
Our expert testers act just like persistent adversaries — learning about your attack surface, linking findings, and continuously hunting for new vulnerabilities.

Deploy the Same Methods and Tools Used by Attackers.
Cosmos operators use both publicly available and proprietary tools to safely execute initial exploitation and post-exploitation tactics aligned to industry standard methodologies.

Understand Post-exploitation Impact.
Cosmos enables you to gauge impact by providing visibility into how adversaries can capitalize on susceptible assets, including post-exploitation pathways, systems, and at-risk data.

Bishop Fox Cosmos provides live collaboration on an encrypted slack channel around findings details, testing of new targets, on-demand retesting of exposures,  on-demand testing of new targets, concluding in exposures remediated.

Remediate with Expert Support

Beat attackers to their targets

Remediate Exposures Quickly with Actionable Findings.
Cosmos delivers a focused list of validated exposures with actionable guidance and impact analysis that prioritizes change requests with demonstrable vulnerability.

Extend Your Security Expertise.
With live communication over an encrypted Slack channel, operators are available to answer your questions, support further validation, and conduct testing against new targets as requested.

Confirm Your Assets Are No Longer Vulnerable.
Cosmos operators are available on-demand to validate exposures have been fully remediated and are no longer susceptible to compromise.

Get Rich Insights Into Findings.
A centralized view provides insight into what your Cosmos team is finding and analyzing in real-time, as well as attack surface data, impact analysis, remediation guidance, and a prioritized list of critical issues.

SW Labs Report on attack surface management solutions preview


See Why Cosmos Won SC Media’s Best Emerging Technology Award.

It didn’t take SC Media long to realize Cosmos stood out from the rest of the pack. Awarded best emerging technology, SW Labs in-depth analysis concluded that “Bishop Fox isn’t just selling an ASM product. They’re offering a continuous offensive security service — the ASM piece merely enables and feeds that service. Think of [Cosmos] as an external penetration test that never ends.”

Rad Ray ASM 21 370 2 Radar Chart v21 06 29 1


See Why Cosmos is ranked top platform by GigaOm analysts.

The closer to center a solution sits, the better its execution and value, with top performers occupying the inner Leaders circle. It didn’t take GigaOm long to realize Cosmos stood out from the rest of the pack.

Continuous Security for Forward Defense

Cosmos was born out of thousands of offensive security engagements, giving us unprecedented insight into how attackers think and what they target.


Discover your complete attack surface.

With Cosmos' domain-centric approach, you can rest easy knowing that your complete external attack surface is continuously accounted for, even the things you don’t know about.


Don't let exposures go undiscovered.

Under the watchful eye of Cosmos' emerging threat process and exposure reconnaissance engine, you no longer need to worry if dangerous exposures are being missed, especially often-overlooked attack chain stepping stones.


Meet the scale of business demands.

Cutting-edge automation capabilities ensure you can meet the growing demands of business without sacrificing the ability to identify emerging threats.


Extend your expertise with an army of skilled attackers.

Expert human testers put your defenses to the ultimate test. So rest assured that when a critical exposure is discovered, it presents clear and present danger to business operations.


Beat attackers to their targets.

Actionable findings and live access to testers empowers your security team to confidently act on exposures and quickly close the window of attacker opportunity.

Case Study on how Equifax works with Bishop Fox for continuous security testing for their external perimeter.
Customer Logo

Equifax Embraces Continuous Security Testing

When Equifax was seeking a way to map and track changes to thousands of domains and subdomains, they partnered in real-time with Bishop Fox to leverage automation for continuous detection and response on the Equifax perimeter.

Discover the Difference

We're proud to be recognized as a leader in offensive security by these organizations.

Cyber Security Excellence Awards 2020
SC Awards 2021 Best Emerging Technology
Bishop Fox Stevie Silver Awards 2022 logo
Badge Bishop Fox
Cyber security excellence gold 2022 award
Info Sec Award Cyberdefense Magazine 2020

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