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Must-Listen Top Cybersecurity Podcasts

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Do you feel like you’re constantly trying to stay up to date on the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape? Or maybe you want to learn from industry experts and broaden your understanding of current cybersecurity topics? With the influx of information related to hacks, threats, regulations, and emerging technologies in the cybersecurity realm, it can be overwhelming for even experienced practitioners. If you’re looking to increase your knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity topics, then tuning into podcasts is a great way to do so.

We’ve rounded up some of the top cybersecurity podcasts that provide educational content, real life stories, and strategies used by offensive security experts. From interviews with influential thought leaders to discussions about emerging trends, these podcasts are sure to help any stakeholder, defender, or penetration tester stay informed and connected to this critical field. Let's get started!

The Forgecast - A brand new podcast, launched in September 2023, Forgepoint Capital takes you on a journey to discover the who’s who and what’s what in cybersecurity and the cloud. Sit back and listen to hear new perspectives, personal stories, insights, and advice from security leaders and innovators that are actively forging a stronger future.

The Shared Security Podcast - Hosted by our own Tom Eston, AVP of Cosmos and Consulting at Bishop Fox; Scott Wright, CEO of Click Armor; and Kevin Johnson, CEO at Secure Ideas, Shared Security offers weekly episodes for the latest news, actionable tips, expert guidance, and insightful interviews with top cybersecurity and privacy specialists.

Threatreel - If you enjoy hearing from security experts that dig deep into the threats impacting enterprise environments and home networks, look no further. Matt Scheurer and Micah K. Brown publish new podcast episodes on the second and fourth Friday each month to share the latest information security news about cyber threats. You can expect to hear the latest and greatest commentary about cyber threat actors, threat hunting, intelligence, modeling, and more.

The We Hack Purple Podcast - This is your one-stop-shop for a diverse range of guests from all types of infosec backgrounds. We Hack Purple founder, Tanya Janca (aka SheHacksPurple), also plays the role of resident host on the podcast and dives deep with guests about their careers, jobs, and how they got to where they are today.

Darknet Diaries - Darknet Diaries continues to be a crowd favorite amongst Foxes. It is a brilliant example of cybersecurity storytelling that delves into tales of hackers, cybercrime, and all the things that one can find on hidden parts of the network. Check out Episode 107 featuring Alethe Denis, senior security consultant at Bishop Fox.

Critical Thinking - Bug Bounty Podcast - Described as a ‘by hackers for hackers’ podcast, hosts Justin Gardner and Joel Margolis interview a variety of guests focused on technical content ranging from bug bounty tips to write-up explanations, and the latest hacking techniques. Caleb Gross, director of Capability Development at Bishop Fox, recommends this podcast as a must-listen to fellow hackers.

Phillip Wylie Show - Well-known cybersecurity leader and penetration tester, Phillip Wylie, hosts an up-and-coming series where he interviews industry heavy weights about a wide range of topics to include career development, the ins and outs of the ethical hacking world, and cybersecurity marketing. But Phillip doesn’t stop there. He also covers broader conversations topics like “Discovering the Power of Mindfulness and Self-Awareness with Shawn Alexander” in episode 24. And don’t miss the episode 38 featuring Bishop Fox’s Tom Eston.

The Segment Podcast - Does ransomware pique your interest? Are you interested in learning more strategies on how to avoid becoming a ransomware victim? Tune in to hear host, Raghu Nandakumara, head of Industry Solutions at Illumio, speak with industry experts about the latest cybersecurity and ransomware trends. Learn how modern organizations can reduce risk and minimize impact with Zero Trust - a “never trust, always verify” approach to cybersecurity. On Episode nine, “Live from RSAC! Test, Verify, and Validate,” you can hear Rob Ragan, Principal Researcher at Bishop Fox, discuss different types of cyber threats, offensive security trends, and how to find new ways to improve cyber resilience.

Cloud Security Podcast - Cloud security is one of the hottest topics in cybersecurity these days and for good reason. Whether you are a cloud security expert or just getting your feet wet, Cloud Security Podcast will have thought-provoking content for you. It is a weekly series that showcases community stories from organizations seeking to solve cloud-related security problems. Cloud Security Podcast is independent (not owned by a major cloud service provider), therefore aims to share information in an unbiased way from experts solving challenges at cloud scale. Check out these episodes below to hear from Bishop Fox’s cloud security expert, Seth Art.

Malicious Life by Cybereason - Cybersecurity has a fascinating history filled with intrigue, mystery, politics, and some espionage sprinkled throughout. To truly understand how attackers operate and how their craft has evolved, get a good dose of cybersecurity history with Malicious Life podcast. Hear tales of cybersecurity history with comments and reflections from hackers, security experts, journalists, and politicians.

John Hammond - While this is not a podcast in the traditional sense since this channel is available strictly on YouTube, it is absolutely worth a mention in this list. John Hammond, principal security researcher at Huntress, runs an extraordinarily educational and insightful YouTube channel that promises “free cybersecurity education, without all the fluff.” In every episode, you can count on Jon to break down complex cybersecurity issues with his enthusiasm, attention to detail, and eye-catching visuals.

Hacker and The Fed - When you dive into this podcast you won’t be disappointed. Co-hosts Chris Tarbell, former FBI Special Agent, ex-Anonymous/LulzSec hacker and current penetration tester and Red Teamer Hector Monsegur (aka Sabu) explore a vast expanse of topics that only their unique backgrounds and shared history can offer. Subscribe to this podcast and you’ll get weekly commentary on the most recent cybersecurity news and events from a truly unique duo. They also keep their audience engaged by answering questions from listeners and adding a fair amount of humor throughout their conversations.

Financial Services - ISAC Insights - If you are looking for cybersecurity information tailored to the financial services industry, you are in luck. FS-ISAC Insights is the ultimate destination for all things at the intersection of financial services and cybersecurity. Tune in to gain clarity and perspective on the future of finance, data, and cybersecurity from C-level executives worldwide. Cut through the clutter and noise and tune into what matters most to your financial enterprise.

Retail & Hospitality -ISAC Podcast - If you have a vested interest in cybersecurity issues and events that impact the retail and hospitality sectors, this is a podcast that you don’t want to miss. Hear interviews with members of the InfoSec community that address challenges, opportunities, and best practices that are laser-focused on these specific industries. This podcast can also help you level up your cybersecurity program, discover career inspiration from industry experts, and stay up to date with upcoming RH-ISAC's top events, reports, and threat intelligence.

Start Your Listening Journey

Podcasts provide a good way to learn from industry experts, stay attune with current cybersecurity topics and trends, and increase your awareness about strategies used by offensive security experts. Knowledge is power and if you’re looking to empower yourself by building better defenses and improving your preparedness against sophisticated cyber threats - podcasting can help you do that. So, get out there, dive into the world of cybersecurity podcasts, and start learning!

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