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Our Favorite Week of the Year

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August is almost here, and Black Hat and DEF CON are upon us! And let’s not forget about B-Sides Las Vegas. Every year, we look forward to this week to catch up with friends and colleagues while getting the latest and greatest security research from world-class speaking sessions, workshops, and more. For security professionals, it really feels like a favorite holiday and birthday all wrapped into one.

First-Ever Bishop Fox Livestream Event

As the Fox Den ramps up to partake in this huge week of security excitement, at the top of the must-see list is our first ever livestream event hosted by our own Foxes Tom Eston, Associate VP of Consulting and host of The Shared Security Show podcast, and Joe Sechman, AVP R&D and host of the Bishop Fox Tool Talk webcast series.

We’ve curated an unprecedented roster of industry experts that we hope you enjoy hearing from – check here to see the lineup! Tune into Bishop Fox’s YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook from 10 AM to 5 PM on Friday, August 12 to join us live from DEF CON.

If you are (understandably) caught up with the excitement of DEF CON events on Friday and don’t have time to cruise by our social media, you can catch up all things livestream by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

We want to hear from you! Do you have questions for our livestream guests? Reach out to us on the Bishop Fox Twitter feed to tell us what is on your mind.

What Security Professionals Look Forward To

Just like us, our livestream guests are counting down as well! Check out what they are most excited about this year:

Matt Scheurer, host of the ThreatReel podcast: I love attending Hacker Summer Camp because it is an amazing opportunity to network professionally with others. I've met up with distant friends in person at BSides Las Vegas, Black Hat, or DEF CON that I'd previously only ever interacted with online. I've also made new friends among some amazing people attending the conferences there. I also enjoy getting to catch up with other local friends that make the annual trip out to Las Vegas. I love tinkering around with technology in the various villages around DEF CON and trying my hand at competing in various Capture-The-Flag (CTF) events. This year, I am most looking forward to working through a new workshop at DEF CON created by my good friend, Deral Heiland, for the IoT Hacking Village!

Barrett Darnell, Principal Security Engineer, Intuit Red Team: I think there will be thousands of hackers that have been itching to meet up with their old friends and to make new ones. While talks are the focus for many of the attendees, I'm there for the people. Lots of folks to see again, and I always challenge myself to make new friends at every conference. Even the greatest talk in the world pales in comparison to the value of those human connections.

Ray Espinoza, VP and CISO at Inspectiv, Inc.: I am pumped for the “Transforming Cyber Communities with a Data Centric Approach: A Community Conversation” presentation at Black Hat!

Tanya Janca, Founder of SheHacksPurple: I am participating in two events at B-Sides Las Vegas: “When DevSec Ops Fails” talk and “Adding DAST to a CI/CD Without Losing Any Friends” workshop. I am also on a panel in the AppSec Village at DEF CON focused on ‘doing security while moving fast.’

Alethe Denis, Senior Consultant at Critical Insight: I am genuinely looking forward to exploring some of the new DEF CON villages like Retail Village, learning more from villages like Data Dupe Village, Physical Security Village, and seeing old friends and making new ones. I always enjoy the DEF CON contests and have won a contest of some kind for the past three years straight [SECTF (2019), TraceLabs OSINT CTF (2020) and Sticker contest (2021)]. I am very much looking forward to watching Hacker Jeopardy again LIVE and seeing Who’s Slide, too. This is the first year that DEF CON will be in Cesars Forum and that will be very exciting to see after years of planning.

Other Things We Are Excited For

As mentioned, the livestream is just one of many events that we are thrilled to be a part of during this monumental week.

  • Justin Rhinehart will end the week’s festivities with his DEF CON presentation, “Private Repos, and You,” in the Recon Village on August 13.

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