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Tom Hudson Senior Security Analyst

Tom Hudson is a Senior Security Engineer at Bishop Fox, where he is part of the capability development team for Cosmos. He specializes in developing innovative tools that improve the quality of intelligence generated and processed through continuous penetration testing. Tom is the well-known author of numerous command-line tools, which can usually be leveraged together for security research, penetration testing, and bug bounty hunting. His contributions include open source projects such as gron, meg, and unfurl.

Tom is an active member of the information and cybersecurity community and has been a speaker at multiple events including the RSA Conference, BSides Leeds, Agile Yorkshire, the Sky Betting & Gaming Tech Talks, and Hey! Presents. He has also made guest appearances in popular podcasts and YouTube channels, such as HackerOne, Security Weekly, Undetected, STÖK, Web Development Tutorials, and his work has been featured in the Code Maven and Intigriti blogs. He was awarded a Most Valuable Hacker (MVH) belt at the h1-4420 live event in 2019.

Tom enjoys giving back to the community through mentoring and teaching. He has hosted multiple workshops, including a series of talks on cybercrime for UK police and investigators.

Tom Hudson

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