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Defend Like A Girl

Celebrating Women in Offensive Security

When you think of cybersecurity… what do you picture? A guy in a hoodie behind a keyboard? We don’t blame you. 

But our Lady Foxes are here to show you that women in cybersecurity are on the rise and ready to even the playing field.

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From technology roles like ethical hackers, software engineers, security consultants, and solution architects to lesser thought-of roles within editorial teams, marketing, legal, sales, and HR... we're proud to have our Lady Foxes represented across every department.

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30% Lady Foxes in the Fox Den

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39% of Leadership Positions Held by Lady Foxes

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25+ Lady Fox Thought Leadership Contributors

Bishop Fox Livestream Womens History Month


Breaking Codes, Breaking Barriers

Tune into our special livestream event where we highlight the remarkable achievements of women in the field of cybersecurity, celebrating their contributions during Women's History Month.


Spotlight Videos

21 Questions with Bishop Fox

Get to know a few of our Lady Foxes in our rapid-fire interview videos.

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Hacking Your Way to Cyber Success

Join host Alethe Denis and special guests Lindsay Von Tish, Jessica Stinson, Shanni Prutchi, and Katie Ritchie as they share their experiences as hackers and showcase how you can find success in the rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity.



Hear Our Perspectives

Explore more resources that are written, produced, and/or feature our Lady Foxes.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Bishop Fox's approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion is guided by Bishop Fox’s commitment to “always do the right thing” and “never stop improving.”

To accomplish this, we must always be learning, growing, and evolving, and continuously fostering a culture that is truly diverse and inclusive – one where actions speak louder than words and our core values are reflected in what we do, not just in what we say.

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