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Deep Dives on Emerging Vulnerabilities

What the Vuln is a one-of-a-kind series where we shed light on vulnerabilities that could plague your organization – specifically from a hacker’s perspective. Each episode features our offensive security experts as they break down and zero in on one specific vulnerability. Insights include the origins and technical components of the vulnerability, how pen testers can find and exploit the vulnerability, and the relative business impact the vulnerability can have on an organization.

"My message to companies that think they haven't been attacked is: ‘You're not looking hard enough.’ ”
— James Snook, Deputy Director, UK Office for Cyber Securityaa

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Insights Directly from the Experts

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On Demand

Quarterly Roundup

Watch the latest episode of our What the Vuln technical series, as we share the most intriguing vulnerabilities we encountered each quarter and how we hacked them.


Get the Exploit Details, Code, and More

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Featured Blog

A More Complete Exploit for Fortinet CVE-2022-42475

Learn about our unique research focused on CVE-2022-42475 and how an exploit can be built to target a single specific FortiGate appliance running a single specific version of FortiOSbug.

Tool Talk Episode 10: Burp Suite featuring headshot of Bishop Fox Security Consultant Christopher Cerne.


Expand Your Hacking Toolkit

Our team of offensive security experts use every tool in the box, and when we need something better, we build a new tool... and then add it to the toolbox, so everyone benefits. Coined like Ted Talks, our Tool Talk series spotlights new tools that are developed and/or loved by our Foxes. We showcase how and why the tool was created, demoing how security professionals can use the tool, and how the Fox Den utilizes the tool within our own projects.

Are you ready? Start defending forward.

Are you ready to uncover your digital footprint and get a real-time, attacker’s view of your perimeter? Request a demo to see the Cosmos platform in action.

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