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Tool Talk: CloudFox

Watch as we explore Bishop Fox’s very own CloudFox, a command line tool that helps offensive security practitioners navigate unfamiliar cloud environments and find exploitable attack paths in cloud infrastructure. Tune in to our livestream for a demo of CloudFox!

Watch the livestream on Tuesday, Sep. 13 at 2 p.m. ET!

Finding attack paths in complex cloud environments can be challenging and time consuming. While there are many types of tools that help you analyze cloud environments, most are focused on security baseline compliance rather than attack paths.

Join the seventh edition of our Tool Talk series as we introduce our newest tool — CloudFox, a command line tool created to help penetration testers and cloud security practitioners gain situational awareness in unfamiliar cloud environments and discover exploitable attack paths in cloud infrastructure.

In this livestream, you’ll hear the creators of CloudFox share:  

  • The origins of CloudFox
  • How an automated enumeration process leads to exploitable attack path discovery
  • A CloudFox demo for penetration testing

We hope to see you there!

Date/Time: Tuesday, September 13 at 11 a.m. PT, 2 p.m. ET

Stream: Bishop Fox YouTubeLinkedIn, and Twitter

Speakers: Seth Art, Principal, Bishop Fox; Carlos Chiqueto Vendramini, Security Consultant I, Bishop Fox; Joe Sechman, AVP of R&D, Bishop Fox            

Seth art

About the author, Seth Art

Principal Security Consultant

Seth Art (OSCP) is a Principal Security Consultant at Bishop Fox, where he currently focuses on penetration testing cloud environments, Kubernetes clusters, and traditional internal networks.

Seth is the author of multiple open-source projects including CloudFox, CloudFoxable, IAM Vulnerable, Bad Pods, celeryStalk, and PyCodeInjection. He has presented at security conferences, including fwd:cloudsec, DerbyCon, and BSidesDC, published multiple CVEs, and is the founder of IthacaSec, a security meetup in upstate NY.

More by Seth

Joe sechman

About the author, Joe Sechman

Bishop Fox Alumnus

Joe is a Bishop Fox alumnus and brought over 20 years of experience to his role as Associate Vice President of R&D. He was responsible for nurturing a culture of innovation across Bishop Fox. Over his career, Joe has amassed many security certifications, delivered several presentations, and has co-authored multiple industry publications with groups such as ISC2, ISACA, ASIS, HP, and IEEE.

Additionally, Joe is a prolific inventor with nine granted patents in the fields of dynamic and runtime application security testing, attack surface enumeration, and coverage (U.S. Patents 10,699,017, 10,515,219, 10,516,692, 10,515,220, 10,423,793, 9,846,781, 10,650,148, 10,587,641, and 11,057,395). Prior to joining Bishop Fox, Joe held leadership positions with companies such as Cobalt Labs, HP Fortify, Royal Philips, and Sunera LLC (now Focal Point Data Risk). Earlier in his career, Joe served as the lead penetration tester within SPI Labs at SPI Dynamics where he cut his teeth alongside some of the best and brightest application security industry professionals. Joe received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management Information Systems from the Terry College of Business - University of Georgia.
More by Joe

Carlos V BF Headshot

About the author, Carlos Vendramini

Bishop Fox Alumnus

Carlos Vendramini (OSCP, GPEN, GWAPT) is a Bishop Fox alumnus. He was a Senior Security Consultant at Bishop Fox, where he focused on penetration testing cloud environments, kubernetes clusters, and web applications. Carlos holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Federal University of Espirito Santo. Prior to Bishop Fox, Carlos worked for Fortune 500 companies in the financial and insurance sectors where he gained experience with penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, red teaming, and social engineering. In addition to penetration testing, Carlos enjoys discovering how SDKs and APIs for popular technologies operate and writing code to automate security tasks.

More by Carlos

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