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SW Labs Product Review: Continuous Attack Surface Testing

SW Labs assessed the fast-growing Attack Surface Management category. See how the solutions stack up, and why they named Bishop Fox’s Cosmos (formerly CAST) the “Best Emerging Technology" of 2021.

Bishop Fox CAST Product Review by SW Labs

“[Cosmos] is unlike all the other ASM products we’ve tested. Think of it as an external penetration test that never ends – the ASM piece just enables it.”

Today’s attack surfaces are dynamic, ever-changing, and expansive far surpassing the scope of vulnerability scanners. In addition to the complexity posed by IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, security teams also contend with shadow IT, abandoned cloud projects, forgotten websites, network segments, and APIs – all of which add up to an unprecedented number of internet-facing assets.

Attack Surface Management (ASM) is designed to address this problem, offering a new way to discover the full spectrum of an organization’s assets and identify and address exposures before attackers can find them.

Download the full report to:

  • Get an overview of the emerging ASM category.
  • See how ASM differs from other types of solutions.
  • Discover why SW Labs sees “an immediate need for these products.”
  • Explore the vendor landscape and SW Lab’s testing methodology.
  • Read the complete assessment of Bishop Fox’s Cosmos platform (formerly CAST).

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