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451 Research: Bishop Fox launches [Cosmos] platform

Get an independent analyst review of Cosmos (formerly CAST), Bishop Fox's continuous offensive security monitoring solution.

Bishop Fox CAST Review by 451 Research Analyst

Maintaining real-time awareness of the entire attack surface.

Enterprises are growing and developing at an increasingly rapid pace, becoming more agile, both technologically and operationally. Enterprise transformation is outpacing the capabilities of security programs that are unable to evolve at the speed of business. As a result, security teams are losing track of their attack surface, unable to measure and quantify their risk and exposure, making security programs less effective and organizations more vulnerable.

We created Cosmos (formerly CAST), a managed security service and platform for maintaining real-time awareness of an organization’s entire and evolving attack surface, to help tackle this problem. Read what 451 Research thinks about this new offering, and how it stacks up to the competition.

Download the report to learn:

  • The importance of continuous attack surface testing
  • How the platform works
  • How the platform compares to alternative security approaches

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