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Bishop Fox is proud to announce several Bishop Foxes will appear at this year's Day of Shecurity held in Boston on February 22. Day of Shecurity is a one-day conference that advocates the inclusion of women & diversification of cybersecurity, and we couldn't be happier to be a part of this event.

Bishop Foxes are set to appear as part of the following:

  • Introduction to Linux Privilege Escalation Methods (Senior Security Analyst Kate Broussard)
    • What It Is: A workshop for those wanting to know a thing or two more about advanced pentesting techniques or how to make Linux work more for their benefit
  • Network Pentesting Tool Kit (NMap, Netcat, and Metasploit Basics) (Security Analysts Kelly Albrink and Cecillia Tran)
    • What It Is: Participants will learn how to use the three most important tools for network penetration testing
  • The Path to Security Has Many Branches (panel featuring Kate Broussard, Security Associate Candis Orr, and Security Analyst Felicia MacArthur in addition to moderator Technical Recruiter Kaitlin O'Neil)
    • What It Is: This panel will cover the very different paths of three Bishop Fox consultants and how they ended up in their respective roles
  • How to Stand Out in the Cybersecurity World (featuring Senior Security Associate Kevin Sugihara and Kelly Albrink)
    • What It Is: Set yourself up for security success - no matter if you're applying for your first industry position or you're looking to switch careers

There will be plenty of opportunities to meet and chat with our team. Keep posted to our social media to see what we're up to while in Boston. Additionally, we're happy to share that we are one of the gold sponsors for Day of Shecurity.

We look forward to seeing you!

Kate broussard

About the speaker, Kate Broussard

Senior Security Consultant

Prior to Bishop Fox, Kate operated an independent application security consulting testing business focused on SMB penetration testing. During these engagements, she routinely exploited cross-site scripting vulnerabilities arising from the use of outdated JavaScript libraries. Kate also has extensive prior experience with web application development, including projects where she designed and developed instructional websites for university faculty. She managed and supervised a team of 30 to perform a large data transformation project on 3,000 files for a public university with over 50,000 enrolled students. Additionally, Kate has extensive experience with software development lifecycle (SDLC) documentation.

More by Kate

Kelly albrink

About the speaker, Kelly Albrink

Application Security Practice Director

Kelly Albrink is the Application Security Practice Director at Bishop Fox where she focuses on leading a diverse practice that includes traditional application security, mobile applications, and product security (including embedded, industrial, and IoT devices).

As the Application Security Practice Director at Bishop Fox, she has helped facilitate the expansion of the practice to focus on security during the design phase. This includes the development of offerings such as architecture security assessments, source code review, and threat modeling. She has also created a consulting mentorship program and led the revamp of an internal knowledge-sharing series of technical talks.

As a consultant, Kelly frequently performed hardware and wireless testing, becoming a subject matter expert in this area. She is responsible for identifying a high-risk CVE that impacted an Eaton power management appliance.

Kelly is an active member of the security community. At the first ever DerpCon, she presented on Software Defined Radio (SDR), a topic she later wrote about for the Bishop Fox blog in "Ham Hacks: Breaking into Software-Defined Radio."

More by Kelly

Kaitlin O Neil Headshot

About the speaker, Kaitlin O'Neil

Recruiting Manager

Kaitlin O'Neil (PHR) is a Recruiting Manager at Bishop Fox. Prior to joining Bishop Fox, Kaitlin worked as a recruiter at Samsung Electronics America and Microsoft. Kaitlin is an influential force in the cybersecurity community. She has presented at major conferences including Women in Cybersecurity, Day of Shecurity, Blacks in Cyber, and CactusCon. Kaitlin has been featured in Dark Reading and is a frequent contributor to the Cybersecurity Recruiter Podcast.

More by Kaitlin

Default fox headshot purple

About the speaker, Cecillia Tran

Engagement Manager

Cecillia Tran is a Bishop Fox Alumnus who was an Engagement Manager during her time at the firm.

More by Cecillia

Candis Orr

About the speaker, Candis Orr

Bishop Fox Alumnus

Candis Orr (CISSP) is a Bishop Fox alumnus. She was a Security Analyst at Bishop Fox on the Cosmos (formerly CAST) team. Candis is active in the security research community. She has presented talks on social engineering at CactusCon and OWASP meetups. She also authored a blog post on password security and participated in a panel at Day of Shecurity 2019.

More by Candis

Default fox headshot blue

About the speaker, Felicia MacArthur

Felicia MacArthur is a Security Analyst at Bishop Fox on the Cosmos (formerly CAST) team.

More by Felicia

Default fox headshot purple

About the speaker, Kevin Sugihara

Regional Director

Kevin Sugihara (GPPA, GPEN, OSCP, GXPN, OSWP) is a Bishop Fox Alumus who served as Regional Director at Bishop Fox, where he focused on on web application penetration testing, internal network penetration testing, and wireless penetration testing. An engaged member of the security community, Kevin organizes and leads the CactusCon Kids security conference, which focuses on educating children on technology and privacy. He also frequently competes in hacking capture-the-flag (CTF) competitions and has won first place in NetWars: Tournament of Champions. Kevin wrote a highly successful blog post for Bishop Fox that he has also given as a presentation, entitled, The Active Directory Kill Chain: Is Your Company at Risk. Further accomplishments include authoring a VPN comparison guide for the Bishop Fox website.

More by Kevin

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