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Developer land card

Bishop Fox was a major sponsor at DeveloperLand @Home, a virtual conference where attendees learned about the creative and intelligent work of security consultants and other software programmers and developers. Attendees joined our Foxes for a lively Capture the Flag competition and attended our presentations.

Capture the Flag: June 9th and 10th

Bishop Fox’s Barrett Darnell ran the Capture the Flag, “Lucha de Zorros.”

Bishop Fox Sessions

Topic: Top Web Security Vulnerabilities

Presenter: Ivan Sanchez

Date: June 9, 2021

Time: 10:30 a.m. CST

Have you ever wondered what the most common security vulnerabilities found in web applications are? If you aren't familiar with them, then this is a talk you can't afford to miss. Together, we'll answer this question and discover the most common vulnerabilities found in web applications.

Watch the presentation.

Topic: Secure Development – Securing your ctrl+c ctrl+v code

Presenter: Gerben Kleijn

Date: June 10, 2021

Time: 6:30 p.m. CST

Insecure code can lead to security vulnerabilities, organizational compromise, and data exfiltration. Additionally, fixing insecure code in a released product can be difficult and may break functionality. Because of these reasons, writing code that is secure from the start is cheaper and more efficient than writing insecure code with the intention of fixing it later. Companies that implement secure coding practices are also less likely to suffer from data breaches and the bad press and brand damage that goes along with them.

Watch the presentation.

Barrett darnell

About the speaker, Barrett Darnell

Bishop Fox Alumnus

Barrett Darnell was a Senior Operator at Bishop Fox and a technical lead for the Continuous Attack Surface Testing (COSMOS) Managed Security Service. Prior to coming to Bishop Fox, he served as an exploitation operator in the US Department of Defense's most elite computer network exploitation (CNE) unit. As a top-rated military officer, Barrett led an offensive operations team in the US Air Force's premier selectively-manned cyber attack squadron. Barrett also teaches SANS SEC660: Advanced Penetration Testing, Exploit Writing, and Ethical Hacking to a worldwide audience. Barrett holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Washington State University and a Master of Science in Software Engineering from the University of West Florida.

More by Barrett

Ivan sanchez

About the speaker, Iván Sánchez

Security Consultant

Ivan Sanchez is a Security Consultant at Bishop Fox where he focuses on network penetration tests and web application assessments. He attended ESCOM IPN where he received his bachelor's degree in computer engineering and developed a deep interest in cybersecurity. This is where his InfoSec journey began. During this time, he attended several CTF and hacking competitions, which helped him finetune his pen testing skillset.

More by Iván

Gerben Kleijn

About the speaker, Gerben Kleijn

Managing Security Consultant

Gerben Kleijn (OSWE, CISSP) is a Managing Security Consultant for Bishop Fox, where he oversees a team of penetration testers. His focus areas include cloud penetration tests, external network penetration tests, and web application assessments as well as cloud deployment reviews for Amazon Web Services (AWS). He has advised Fortune 500 brands and startups in industries such as media, retail, and software in addition to popular websites, credit reporting agencies, and marketing platforms.

More by Gerben

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