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Day of Shecurity - The Path to Security Has Many Branches

Past Event
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How do women make their way into the security field? Security professionals from Bishop Fox will answer that question during this panel. They will each describe how they entered the industry and explain the technical tools, resources, and lessons that helped them along the way. Learn why these women chose to earn certain security certifications over others, what skills proved indispensable, and how they strengthened their technical expertise over time. Each consultant will also review career highlights, such as breaking into data centers and preventing the compromises of sensitive information.

Attendees will walk away with success stories, guidance on what skills can help jump start a career in security, and information about potential career paths not previously considered.

Senior Security Analyst Kate Broussard, Security Associate Candis Orr, and Security Analyst Felicia MacArthur will participate in The Path to Security Has Many Branches: Three Examples of How Women Joined the Security Field Panel, led by Technical Recruiter Kaitlin O'Neil at the Day of Shecurity on Friday, February 22, 2019.

Kate broussard

About the speaker, Kate Broussard

Senior Security Consultant

Prior to Bishop Fox, Kate operated an independent application security consulting testing business focused on SMB penetration testing. During these engagements, she routinely exploited cross-site scripting vulnerabilities arising from the use of outdated JavaScript libraries. Kate also has extensive prior experience with web application development, including projects where she designed and developed instructional websites for university faculty. She managed and supervised a team of 30 to perform a large data transformation project on 3,000 files for a public university with over 50,000 enrolled students. Additionally, Kate has extensive experience with software development lifecycle (SDLC) documentation.

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Candis Orr

About the speaker, Candis Orr

Bishop Fox Alumnus

Candis Orr (CISSP) is a Bishop Fox alumnus. She was a Security Analyst at Bishop Fox on the Cosmos (formerly CAST) team. Candis is active in the security research community. She has presented talks on social engineering at CactusCon and OWASP meetups. She also authored a blog post on password security and participated in a panel at Day of Shecurity 2019.

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About the speaker, Felicia MacArthur

Felicia MacArthur is a Security Analyst at Bishop Fox on the Cosmos (formerly CAST) team.

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