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Day of Shecurity - Network Pen Testing Tool Kit: Nmap, Netcat, and Metasploit Basics

Past Event
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This hands-on workshop will introduce you to the top three tools needed to get started in network penetration testing: Nmap, Netcat, and Metasploit. We'll cover how to use Nmap both for port scanning and vulnerability discovery. We'll also use Netcat to grab banners, make HTTP requests, and create both reverse and bind shells. Finally, we'll learn the ins and outs of Metasploit, including how to integrate our Nmap scan results for even more ownage and using the built-in exploits to get shells.

By the end of the workshop, you will be port scanning, creating payloads, and popping shells. This technical workshop is designed to familiarize you with the necessary tools to continue your ethical hacking journey. From here, take your l33t new skillz and apply them to Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions or scanning your home network for vulnerabilities.

A laptop with the ability to install software is required. Attendees will receive detailed instructions on setting up the lab environment on their laptops before the event.

Security Analysts Kelly Albrink and Cecillia Tran will conduct this pentesting tools workshop at the Day of Shecurity conference on Friday, February 22, 2019.

Kelly albrink

About the speaker, Kelly Albrink

Application Security Practice Director

Kelly Albrink is the Application Security Practice Director at Bishop Fox where she focuses on leading a diverse practice that includes traditional application security, mobile applications, and product security (including embedded, industrial, and IoT devices).

As the Application Security Practice Director at Bishop Fox, she has helped facilitate the expansion of the practice to focus on security during the design phase. This includes the development of offerings such as architecture security assessments, source code review, and threat modeling. She has also created a consulting mentorship program and led the revamp of an internal knowledge-sharing series of technical talks.

As a consultant, Kelly frequently performed hardware and wireless testing, becoming a subject matter expert in this area. She is responsible for identifying a high-risk CVE that impacted an Eaton power management appliance.

Kelly is an active member of the security community. At the first ever DerpCon, she presented on Software Defined Radio (SDR), a topic she later wrote about for the Bishop Fox blog in "Ham Hacks: Breaking into Software-Defined Radio."

More by Kelly

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About the speaker, Cecillia Tran

Engagement Manager

Cecillia Tran is a Bishop Fox Alumnus who was an Engagement Manager during her time at the firm.

More by Cecillia

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