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How the New National Cybersecurity Strategy Will Shape the Future of Offensive Security

Join Bishop Fox for a fireside chat with renowned cybersecurity experts – Evan Wolff & Justin Greis. We’ll discuss how new proposed regulations will impact offensive security initiatives, both short- and long-term.

Penetrating the Cloud title on dark purple background and security consultants, Seth Art & Nate Robb headshots.

Penetrating the Cloud: Uncovering Unknown Vulnerabilities

Seth Art, Principal Security Consultant at Bishop Fox, and Nate Robb, Senior Operator at Bishop Fox, discuss two distinct ways (zero-knowledge & assumed-breach perspectives) to proactively identify, understand, and mitigate the most impactful vulnerabilities lurking in your cloud environment.

Webcast on how to prepare for ransomware with real-world playbooks featuring the headshots of Bishop Fox security experts, Tom Eston and Trevin Edgeworth.

Ready or Not? Test Your Ransomware Defenses Against Real-World Playbooks

Join Bishop Fox experts Tom Eston, AVP of Consulting and Trevin Edgeworth, Red Team Practice Director as they breakdown why ransomware emulations are the best way to test your defenses.

Black background with purple and teal neon letters title: What the Vuln, EDR BYPAS W. LOLBINS.

What the Vuln: EDR Bypass with LoLBins

Watch the second episode of our What the Vuln livestream series as we explore how to bypass endpoint detection and response (EDR) with native Windows binaries to gain advanced post-exploitation control.

Bishop Fox Livestream Zimbra Tile

What the Vuln: Zimbra

Watch the inaugural episode of our What the Vuln livestream series as we examine Zimbra Zip Path Traversal vulnerabilities, CVE-2022-27925 and CVE-2022-37042.

Tool Talk Episode 9 webcast title in neon letters on dark background with Matt Keeley and Joe Sechman headshots presenting the security tool Spoofy.

Tool Talk: Spoofy

Watch to explore Spoofy, a domain spoofing tool that checks whether a list of domains (in bulk) can be spoofed based on SPF and DMARC records.

Webcast on how emulation techniques provide safe testing scenarios to uncover ransomware susceptibility featuring the headshots of Bishop Fox and Illumio security experts, Trevin Edgeworth and Paul Dant.

Ransomware Emulations: Pressure-Testing Scenarios for Cybersecurity Defense Teams

Join us to learn how ransomware emulation provides safe testing scenarios to uncover ransomware susceptibility in your security environment.

Bishop Fox eBook cover Looking Toward Cosmos: Business Justification for Continuous Penetration Testing.

Looking Toward the Cosmos: Making the Case for Continuous Offensive Security

Download this eBook to uncover the factors and inputs used in our customizable ROI calculator that are critical to making the business case for continuous offensive testing. The output of the calculator is intended to help you draw a direct line from investment to risk mitigation that can be communicated to both technical and non-technical decision makers.

John Deere Customer Story: Bishop Fox consultants on site to secure John Deere products against cyberattacks.
Customer Story

John Deere Digital Security Journey: Securing Products Against Cyberattacks

To help ensure John Deere products are ready to withstand security threats, John Deere chooses Bishop Fox's Cosmos platform and product security reviews.

SANS and Bishop Fox webcast: Hacker Insights Revealed - Explore new ssurvey results with the cybersecurity experts.

Hacker Insights Revealed: Explore New SANS Survey Results

In partnership with SANS,we share what our latest report uncovers about the minds and methodologies of modern attackers and how this can help to improve your security posture.

Vintage vinyl record sleeve featuring a purple fox with Greatest hits of offensive testing tools in 2022. Greatest Hits: A Compilation of Our Favorite Offensive Testing Tools.

Greatest Hits: A Compilation of Our Favorite Offensive Testing Tools

What’s better than a Top 10 List? An ultimate guide of all our favorite lists – from red team and cloud penetration tools TO our favorite music to hack to and the best reads for your offensive security journey. We’ve got you covered to level up your penetration testing game with this comprehensive guide of hacking goodies.

Preview of the Bishop Fox Red Team methodology.

Bishop Fox Red Team Methodology

This Red Team methodology document provides an overview of Bishop Fox's approach to Red Team engagements.

Bishop Fox Tool Talk Episode 8

Tool Talk:

Watch as we explore Bishop Fox’s very own, a code injection tool that tampers with trusted Linux processes to capture sensitive data and change program behavior.

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