New from Ponemon Institute: The State of Offensive Security in 2023. Read the Report ›

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Get the Blueprint: Insights from Ponemon Institute’s 2023 State of Offensive Security Study

Hear from experts Larry Ponemon & Tom Eston, as they reveal our findings from a joint report with the Ponemon Institute on the 'State of Offensive Security' in 2023.

RedSec After Dark: Exclusive AMA with Tom Hudson aka Tom Nom Nom with headshot on dark background.

TomNomNom AMA

Tom Hudson (aka TomNomNom) participates in this Discord AMA about the pen testing tools he's created over the years, his cybersecurity journey, and more.

Cover slide of presentation: What Bad could Happen? Managing Application risk with Threat Modeling
Slide Deck

Managing Application Security Risk with Threat Modeling

Webcast on Solar Winds attack featuring cybersecurity experts Vincent Liu, Alex Stamos, and Charles Carmakal.

Fireside Chat: What We Learned from the SolarWinds Attack (and Beyond)

On-demand webcast features security experts discussing recent attacks at SolarWinds, Colonial Pipeline, and more.

Equifax Employs Bishop Fox’s Cosmos (formerly CAST) for Continuous Security Testing. Equifax is working with Bishop Fox for continuous security testing of their external perimeter.
Customer Story

Equifax Employs Bishop Fox’s Cosmos (formerly CAST) for Continuous Security Testing

As a global data, analytics, and technology company, Equifax plays an essential role in the global economy by helping employers, employees, financial institutions, and government agencies make critical decisions with greater confidence. The company has worked with Bishop Fox for continuous security testing for their external perimeter since 2020.
Bishop Fox Eyeballer ebook cover page

Eyeballer: Automating Security Triage with Machine Learning

This easy-to-follow guide explores the capabilities of Eyeballer, a first-of-its-kind AI-powered pen testing tool.

Tag Cyber Independent Assessment of Bishop Fox offensive security platform

Using Cyber Offensive Methods to Improve Defense

TAG Cyber provides an unbiased assessment of Bishop Fox’s offensive cybersecurity services and Cosmos platform.

Zoom chose Bishop Fox for continuous security testing to add to their robust security program.
Customer Story

Zoom Secures their Rapidly Expanding Attack Surface with Cosmos (formerly CAST)

As businesses and users have shifted to remote work environments, Zoom has experienced unprecedented growth in their user base – from 10M daily meeting participants in December 2019 to 300M in April 2020. To protect these new users, Zoom sought out continuous security testing to add to their robust security program.
Efficacy of Micro Segmentation Assessment by Bishop Fox

Quantifying the Impact of Micro-Segmentation Using Illumio ASP

Bishop Fox developed the industry’s first repeatable testing methodology to quantify the efficacy of micro-segmentation using the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP).

20 Tips To Make the Most of Your Pen Test Guide Cover Page

20 Tips to Make the Most of Your Pen Test

Whether you’ve conducted many pen tests or are about to embark on your first, this eBook contains helpful guidance for companies at every stage of security-program maturity.

Screenshot of Yael Barsuto presenting at BSides Las Vegas Youtube on ICS Security Assessments 101

13th B-Sides Las Vegas - ICS Security Assessments 101 or How da Fox I Test Dis?

We have seen many ICS attacks both in the news and in several talks at security conferences. They show how ICS protocols are insecure by default and how we can mess with control components so easily. However, from a consulting point of view, are we really asking our ICS clients to let us mess with their critical infrastructure just to show what we already know?

Video thumbnail of Tom Eston and his agenda slide while presenting at BSides Las Vegas 2022

13th BSides Las Vegas - Management Hacking 101

Tom Eston, AVP of Consulting at Bishop Fox, shares his best advice for becoming a successful manager and leader in the security industry.

Canyon Chooses Bishop Fox to Ensure the Security of Sensitive Legal Data
Customer Story

Canyon Partners with Bishop Fox to Ensure the Security of Sensitive Legal Data

When Canyon needed a thorough third-party assessment to fulfill their Google Partner security requirements, they turned to Bishop Fox to meet an aggressive deadline without sacrificing quality.

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