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Featured Webcast

Combatting Adversaries: Proactive Social Engineering & Network Testing

Join us for a fireside chat that illuminates the importance of proactive social engineering defense and the key role of internal network testing in orchestrating a successful counteroffensive against cyberattacks.

Bishop Fox combats ransomware with an offensive Security Roadmap represented by a compass.

Combating Ransomware with an Offensive Roadmap

Examine your organization’s level of ransomware preparedness through the lens of offensive security considerations.

SC Media Continuously Hacking Yourself on-demand webcast about attack surface management and continuous pen testing

SC Media Special Event: Continuously Hacking Yourself

Explore the benefits of continually hacking yourself to discover new assets (including many you don’t even know you have) and their associated vulnerabilities.

Bishop Fox Webcast Cracking the code with Secure Code Review hosted by Chris Bush

Cracking the Code: Secure Code Review in DevSecOps

On-demand webcast offers an in-depth look at how DevOps can integrate both automated and manual code review into the software development lifecycle.

Bishop Fox Webcast about the perils of low risk exposure: The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: How Innocuous Exposures Become Infamous

In the hands of skilled attackers, many "low risk" exposures serve as launching pads or steppingstones to more complex and destructive attacks. Join our webcast as we dive into real-world examples.

Bishop Fox on-demand webcast on Threat Modeling in DevSecOps presented by security experts Tom Eston and Chris Bush

What Bad Could Happen? Managing Application Risk with Threat Modeling

What if security could become an integral framework within the software development process? Join Tom Eston and Chris Bush to learn how Threat Modeling is changing the way organizations manage application security risks.

Headshots of security consultants, Matt Keeley and Joe Sechman presenting episode 2 of Bishop Fox Tool Talks: Fuzzing.

Tool Talk: Fuzzing

Get the buzz on fuzz testing in software development.

Bishop Fox Webcast title Outpacing Modern Attackers with Security featuring Wes Hutcherson, Barrett Darnell, and Ori Zigindere

Outpacing the Speed and Precision of Modern Attackers with Continuous Attack Surface Testing

On-demand webcast provides an in-depth look at using Continuous Attack Surface Testing (CAST) to identify and close attack windows before it’s too late.

Bishop Fox DevSecOps Webcast hosted by Tom Eston, AVP of Consulting Services at Bishop Fox

How to Build a DevSecOps Program that Works for Developers AND Security

On-demand webcast explores how the right DevSecOps strategy empowers both your security and development teams.

DevSecOps and Application Penetration Testing: Defying the Myth.

DevSecOps and Application Penetration Testing: Defying the Myth

On-demand webcast dives into the role of application penetration testing in today’s software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Bishop Fox Tool Talk Eyeballer episode 1, now on demand - Spend less time hunting and more time hacking.

Tool Talk: Eyeballer

In Episode 1 of our Tool Talk series we explore Eyeballer, an AI-powered, open-source tool designed to help penetration testers assess large-scale external perimeters.

Log4j Fireside Chat with security expert advice on today's biggest security threat, Zero-day CVE 2021-44228

Log4j Vulnerability: A Fireside Chat

Join our panelists as they dive into the attacker’s perspective and how you can identify unusual activity and harden systems against further compromise.

Black background with purple and teal neon letters title: What the Vuln, EDR BYPAS W. LOLBINS.

What the Vuln: EDR Bypass with LoLBins

Watch the second episode of our What the Vuln livestream series as we explore how to bypass endpoint detection and response (EDR) with native Windows binaries to gain advanced post-exploitation control.

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