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SW Labs Category Overview: Attack Surface Management (ASM) Solutions

Comprehensive overview of the fast-growing Attack Surface Management category from the cybersecurity experts at Security Weekly Labs.

Security Weekly Labs Product Reviews: SW Labs Attack Surface Management Category Overview, sponsored by Bishop Fox; preview of the cover page and two internal pages.

Today’s attack surfaces are dynamic, ever-changing, and expansive — far surpassing the scope of vulnerability scanners. In addition to the complexity posed by IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, security teams also contend with shadow IT, abandoned cloud projects, forgotten websites, network segments, and APIs — all of which add up to an unprecedented number of internet-facing assets.

Attack Surface Management (ASM) is designed to address this problem, offering a new way to discover the full spectrum of an organization’s assets and identify and address exposures before attackers can find them.

Download the SW Labs report on Attack Surface Management to learn more about this new and growing category of cybersecurity solutions, including: 

  • Market definition and terminology
  • Common market challenges
  • The key attributes of ASM products that set them apart from other solutions
  • Deep dive into the subcategories of ASM — and the use cases, features, and pros/cons of each:
    • Internet Asset Research
    • External Asset Monitoring
    • External Asset Management platforms
    • Management External Asset Management platforms

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