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Purple Teaming for Security Success: Enhancing ROI and Facilitating Growth

In this webcast, uncover how purple teaming initiatives can transform cybersecurity from a perceived cost center to a revenue-protecting asset. Ryan Basden, Red Team security consultant, will guide you through establishing security baselines, validating investments, and formulating a roadmap for organizational growth.

Cybersecurity programs are widely accepted as a cost-of-doing business for most organizations in the modern digital age, yet it often comes at a significant price tag and financial burden. The most significant exception to this view is in compliance, where security teams are often heavily involved due to the technical nature of evidence gathering. It's challenging to argue against this perception, as compliance reports directly contribute to revenue and can prove instrumental in securing multi-million dollar deals.

So how can security professionals compete for budget allocation and garner internal support from decision-makers to bring about organizational change and improvement?

Join our webcast to hear Ryan Basden, Red Team Security Consultant II, explore how the adoption of Purple Teaming initiatives can help an organization demonstrate tangible ROI for security teams and facilitate securing existing and future revenue. Learn how cybersecurity can transition from a perceived cost center to a tangible asset driving organizational development and revenue protection.

Our webcast will examine actionable approaches, supported by real-world examples, to show how Purple Teaming can:

  • Establish measurable security baselines and resilience across companies and supply chains
  • Validate the effectiveness of security investments and identify areas for increased efficiency
  • Provide a blueprint for organizational advancement and agility through penetration tests and Red Teams
  • Enable evidence-based ROI communication to leadership and stakeholders
  • Offer demonstrable and continuous protection against headline-grabbing, investor-rattling emerging threats.

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