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Bishop Fox Project Management Methodology

Overview of Bishop Fox’s methodology for managing client engagements.

Bishop Fox Project Management Methodology

Learn how Bishop Fox delivers quality services, within budget, and on time.

Bishop Fox utilizes a Six-Sigma-designed project management methodology to ensure that quality services are provided within budget and on time.

Prior to the start of the project, Bishop Fox assigns a dedicated manager to lead the project activities. The Bishop Fox project manager works with the client project manager to ensure that all project activities and any issues or complications are communicated appropriately.

Client communication is handled in several ways. Initially, the Bishop Fox project team schedules a pre-engagement briefing to be attended by the key personnel from the Bishop Fox and client teams. The purpose is to verify scope, share information, and answer questions. Following the call, Bishop Fox distributes an engagement datasheet containing all of the vital data for the project such as contact information, engagement rules, and special considerations. Once the engagement is underway, the Bishop Fox team provides a written status report twice a week or as requested by the client project manager. In the event a high-severity vulnerability is identified, the team contacts the client project manager via telephone and email within 24 hours.

When fieldwork has been completed, the Bishop Fox project team authors the draft deliverables and schedules an outbrief call to present the initial findings. The client has an opportunity to provide feedback and Bishop Fox can provide clarification around the discovered issues. The final reports are delivered to the client after Bishop Fox incorporates any requested modifications.

This Methodology document provides an overview of the following project management phases:

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Ongoing activities
  • Reporting and quality assurance
  • Outbrief and feedback

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