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Iotium: Securing an Industrial IoT Platform

IoTium, a solution designed for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), enlisted Bishop Fox to verify the security of their product offering.

Iotium case study detail

As the first commercially deployed secure Edge-Cloud infrastructure company for the Industrial IoT, the security impact is clear. With its offerings, IoTium enables enterprises to securely connect legacy mission-critical machines to cloud-based applications. By doing so, IoTium enables customers to leverage new analytics, machine learning, and predictive analytics application at scale, while eliminating deployment complexity issues and minimizing network security risks.

The Challenge

A proactive approach to security and providing peace of mind to their customers is IoTium foremost priority. The company needed a third-party security verification to ensure that its platform was secure.

IoTium decided to hire a third-party firm to assess the security of the hardware, software, and cloud components of the IoTium offering.

IoTium engaged Bishop Fox in a multi-part project that involved penetration testing of its platform — the IoTium Orchestrator, the web-based platform, and IoTium iNode, the hardware component.

IoTium Solution diagram
Figure 1: The IoTium Solution
"Industrial IoT needs to scale out connectivity, but security is a top concern. We are committed to ensuring that our solution sets the gold standard for security. Security and simplicity do not have to be mutually exclusive."

--Sri Rajagopal, Chief Technology Officer at IoTium

“We need confidence in our solution so we can in turn provide that confidence to our customers.” CTO Sri Rajagopal discusses how IoTium turned to Bishop Fox to ensure the security of their product offering with application security and penetration testing.

Considering IoTium’s customers are “IIoT” – they power the world we live in, proving a strong cybersecurity stance was of the utmost importance.

The Results

Bishop Fox started with a thorough black-box test of the IoTium offering and delivered a detailed security report to the IoTium product and engineering teams. Working with the IoTium team, Bishop Fox worked to enhance IoTium’s security posture and validate the steps made to correct all identified issues.

About IoTium

IoTium is the industry’s first commercially deployed, secure, Edge-Cloud infrastructure company for Industrial IoT (IIoT). The company’s offerings have been deployed in dozens of leading organizations in the building automation, oil and gas, power and utilities, manufacturing, and health care verticals as well as in smart cities. The company’s solutions ensure that any machine, using any protocol, can be instantly, seamlessly, and securely connected to any application residing in any cloud or data center through any network infrastructure and operator. IoTium solutions eliminate deployment complexity issues and minimize network security risks. In the past, when a piece of equipment was malfunctioning, a technician would have to be physically on site to plug into the equipment to diagnose and assess any issues. The IoTium platform plugs into these already existing ports and runs software that securely connects the equipment to the cloud. This allows that same technician to monitor all equipment from a single, remote location.

Customer Profile
Industrial IoT (IIoT)
Services Provided:
Product Security Review Application Penetration Testing

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