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Bishop Fox is Sponsoring BugCon 2022: New World Order

November 24-25, 2022
LUC 34 34 Lucerna Street Mexico City, CMX 06600 Mexico
BugCon 2022 Logo. BugCON 2022 Security Conference is a highly technical information security convention.

BugCON Security Conference is a highly technical information security convention, which seeks to bring together hackers, researchers, professionals, industry, private, government, students, university; all in one place; to share research, ideas, projects, results, advances. BugCON 2022 expects more than 200 face-to-face attendees this year, 100 virtual attendees, 20 conferences, 6 trainings; and once again, we join Mercado Libre, the fintech that is moving Latin America; to host the most important bug bounty competition in Mexico, Hacking Event MX.

Bishop Fox is a proud sponsor and will showcase expertise in two speaking sessions.


Writing Skills to Make it as an Ethical Hacker

Speaker: Elsa Trevino

Date/Time: November 24, 2022 at 3pm CST

Offensively defending against Active Threats

Speaker: Sergio Villegas

Date/Time:  November 25, 2022 at 5pm CST

Abstract: Usually, cybersecurity teams wait for security incidents to happen to gather evidence that help to build intelligence around TTPs used by adversaries, or they rely on the ingestion of third-party indicators to block against threats, aside from that there is a tendency between the blue and red teams to not have a strong relationship even though they could share a lot of knowledge related to the potential same TTPs, what if we combined the best of both postures? Let’s go on into forward defense stance and try to hunt for active threats in the wild using offensive reconnaissance techniques that help to collect information to build intelligence without needing for incidents to happen.

Elsa Trevino Headshot BF

About the speaker, Elsa Treviño

Technical Editor

Elsa M. Treviño is a member of the Editorial team at Bishop Fox. She is passionate about language and how its effective use can increase the impact of cybersecurity organizations. Elsa is also a writer and translator. She holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge where she was a Gates Scholar and MA from Tecnológico de Monterrey. Her current interests are storytelling, technical editing, and bringing attention to the importance of content experience in IT.

Elsa Treviño presented at NoTrustSec in Mexico City in October 2022.

More by Elsa

Sergio Villegas BF Headshot

About the speaker, Sergio Villegas

Senior Analyst

Sergio Villegas is a Senior Analyst in the Attack Surface Intelligence team at Bishop Fox where he is one of the lead researchers. His main areas of focus are emerging threats, attack surface mapping, and tactical lead generation. Sergio has over 11 years of experience in cybersecurity during which he has worked as a researcher and consultant to help companies improve their procedures, technologies, and techniques around threat intelligence and threat hunting.

More by Sergio

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