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Meet the Author

Sergio Villegas Senior Analyst

Sergio Villegas is a Senior Analyst in the Attack Surface Intelligence team at Bishop Fox where he is one of the lead researchers. His main areas of focus are emerging threats, attack surface mapping, and tactical lead generation. Sergio has over 11 years of experience in cybersecurity during which he has worked as a researcher and consultant to help companies improve their procedures, technologies, and techniques around threat intelligence (data collection and interpretation) and threat hunting (searching for active threats in customer environments).

During his time at Bishop Fox, he has led and managed projects for a range of multinational, Fortune 500 corporations to identify and map out their attack surfaces, so they can better defend themselves against malicious threat actors. Additionally, Sergio has an extensive background in open-source research and development, compliance, and incident response. He is an active researcher in the threat intelligence community and has presented his research at high-profile conferences for national security agencies.

His current research focuses on how companies can use their current offensive security testing tools to proactively seek out threats in malicious infrastructure in the wild before attackers strike. In recognition of his research and work in the field, he was invited to the Summit of the Americas in 2017 as part of the LATAM cybersecurity team to monitor threats during the event.

Sergio Villegas

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