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Exposure Identification and Noise Reduction

Pinpoint dangerous exposures without the false positives.

Vulnerability management solutions sacrifice the discovery of exposures for low-value functionality while leaving security teams drowning in false positives. Cosmos breaks through those limitations surfacing only high-risk vulnerabilities and often missed attack chain steppingstones without the noise.

Modern threats demand modern solutions

60% percent of security personnel say they waste significant time chasing down false positives and vulnerabilities that pose minimal risk.

Security teams continue to be overwhelmed by a backlog of vulnerabilities and false positives. Limitations across traditional traditional threat and vulnerability management solutions combined with manual approaches often miss critical categories of exposures while producing incontextual results and time-consuming noise that increases the window of attacker opportunity. As backlogs grow and adversaries become faster and more precise, remediation timeframes are reaching dangerous levels that put organizations at increasing risk.

Find the True Exposures Faster

Forget the Firehose of False Positives

Close attack windows faster by focusing your attention on the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk.

Threat and vulnerability management solution diagram showing how Cosmos exposes vulnerable software, exposed services, subdomains takeover, credentials reuse, vulnerable configurations, information disclosures, indicators of compromise.

Complete exposure coverage

Adversaries know their targets. Focus on the ways they attempt to break in.

Threat and vulnerability management solutions trade the ability to discover a broader range of vulnerabilities in favor of avoiding internal disruption and enabling automation — resulting in incomplete coverage. Cosmos uncovers more exposures in a greater number of categories that real-world adversaries specifically target including:

  • Exposed services
  • Misconfigurations
  • Vulnerable software
  • Credential reuse
  • Information disclosures
  • Subdomain takeovers
Diagram showing how Cosmos platform narrows down to cybersecurity vulnerabilities that are used by attackers for attack chains.

Leave no stone unturned

Lower severity exposures can still pose significant risk. Illuminate the sneaky ones that are often overlooked.

Vulnerability management solutions focus primarily on known vulnerabilities and often discount low severity exposures based on pre-defined severity classifications. Unfortunately this can lead to a false sense of security. Cosmos not only inspects the attack surface for critical and high risk vulnerabilities but identifies those that serve as stepping stones to more complex attack chains.

Cosmos new analyzers identifies misconfigurations, sensitive info leaks, vulnerability management, insecure applications, weak passwords, exposed github gists, and insecure web services.

Stay ahead of threats

New exploits are in constant development. Keep pace with the scale of security demands.

New exploits are emerging at a blistering pace. By the time security teams know about them, adversaries have already moved onto the next. Cosmos emerging threat process keeps discovery capabilities on the cutting-edge with new analyzers that identify actively exploited issues, newly released CVEs, and less traditionally severe vulnerabilities that are often missed by traditional threat and vulnerability management solutions.

Continuous Exposure Identification

Malicious exploitation attempts never stop. Exposure discovery processes shouldn’t either.

Adversaries thrive on the window of exploitation. While security teams sift through never-ending data, attackers are capitalizing on exposed assets with record speed and precision. Cosmos outpaces attackers to their targets leveraging an automated exposure reconnaissance engine that continuously identifies anomalies, abnormalities, and attack surface changes that could indicate your environment is exposed to potential compromise.

Our threat and vulnerability management services eliminate noises such as false positives, incontextual issues, low severity, duplicate data to give triage leads.

Focus on high-risk exposures

Eliminate resource draining false positives. Take back the time advantage.

Vulnerability management solutions produce an overwhelming number of results, redundant data, and false positives that incapacitate resource constrained security teams. Cosmos cuts through the noise by carefully inspecting every exposure, eliminating time consuming false alarms, and only surfacing real issues for testing and validation.

Key Benefits

Cosmos streamlines exposure discovery to meet the pace of modern security demands.

Attack surface discovery icon.

Gain complete exposure coverage

Identify more exposures across a greater number of categories than traditional vulnerability management tools and discovery methods.

Icon Cosmos Flow

Find issues other approaches miss

Uncover often overlooked and miscategorized exposures that are instrumental to more sophisticated attacks.

Icon for security integration.

Close the window of vulnerability

Beat attackers to their targets with automated reconnaissance that uncovers exposures as soon as they exist.

Icon Screen Sparkline

Stay ahead of the latest exploits

Get in front of evolving threats with innovative detectors that identify new targets and the latest vulnerabilities used in the wild.

Icon Noise Filtration

Put an end to resource drain

Break the cycle of overwhelming alerts and uncover only the high-risk vulnerabilities attackers target in real-world scenarios.

Icon Buildings

Operate at enterprise scale

Bridge technology and human expertise with automated processing that scales to meet the requirements of modern business demands.

Cover of SW Labs product review on threat and vulnerability management solutions.

Discover an Award-Winning Difference

See Why Cosmos Won SC Media’s Best Emerging Technology Award.

It didn’t take SC Media long to realize Cosmos stood out from the rest of the pack. Awarded best emerging technology, SW Labs in-depth analysis concluded that “Bishop Fox isn’t just selling an ASM product. They’re offering a continuous offensive security service — the ASM piece merely enables and feeds that service. Think of [Cosmos] as an external penetration test that never ends.”

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