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Architecture Security Assessment Services

The best way to reduce your application's attack surface is to assess it all. We put yours under the microscope illuminating critical flaws and systemic improvements that enhance existing security controls and harden defenses against modern threats.

Architecture Security Assessment

Uncover systemic security issues in your application environments.

Our Architecture Security Assessment (ASA) is a non-disruptive review of the application architecture to uncover systemic security issues within your app environment. An ASA can help you maximize your return on security technology investments, in addition to validating the security of your existing applications. Our ASA methodology follows the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS), as well as any specific organizational regulatory requirements you need to meet (e.g., PCI-DSS, NIST, or HIPAA).

Our ASA service can be combined with any of our other services to add coverage depth or deeper analysis where required.

Architecture Security Assessment highlights:

  • Broad and deep analysis: We conduct a thirteen-point methodology covering the full spectrum of an application's security architecture including authentication, access control, input and output, cryptographic components, error logging and auditing, data protection and privacy, communication, malicious software, business logic, secure file upload, and configuration.
  • Flexible assessment types: We extend our thirteen-point methodology to address the security of interconnected devices including e-commerce web applications, IoT devices, physical products, or other unique situations.
  • Actionable Findings: We take the time to ensure technical and business stakeholders understand engagement findings with prescriptive guidance that ultimately helps you harden defenses and extract greater value from existing security investments.
Customer Story on how Bishop Fox validated Wickr products and services security and security architecture review
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How Bishop Fox Enables Wickr's Security Assurance

When Wickr needed to ensure that their products and services were secure, they turned to the experts at Bishop Fox to validate their security and provide the transparency pledged in their Customer Security Promises.

Pinpoint blind spots before attackers do

Evaluate security architecture against the highest industry standards and plot a course for continued resiliency.

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Address Your Unique Challenges

We take the time to understand the current state of security and future objectives. Collecting evidence, conducting in-depth interviews, and analyzing essential documentation, our experts dig deep into your application’s security architecture and interconnected systems giving you a complete picture of risk across your unique environment.

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Identify Systemic Vulnerabilities

Conducting an ASA can uncover the root cause of vulnerabilities before attackers do. Because we inspect every facet of an application's security and underlying infrastructure – you can proactively address gaps in controls and systemic risks before attackers even know they exist.

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Realize the Full Potential of Investments

Most security controls fail to reach their adversary stopping potential. Rather than adding more complexity to your environment, our ASA helps you do more with less, identifying opportunities to enhance the efficacy of security controls that can improve resiliency with little to no resource drain.

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Custom Tailored Assessment Rooted in Industry Standards

Delivering the ultimate level of customization, ASA engagements build off our baseline thirteen-point methodology with flexible options across depth, type, and regulatory requirements that meet your unique security requirements.
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Force Multiply Results with Threat Modeling

Pair our ASA with Threat Modeling and proactively address security issues across the software development life cycle with in-depth analysis of application design, threats, and countermeasures that become foundational to ongoing DevOps processes.

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Get Actionable Results That Can Be Operationalized

Our high-quality reporting goes above and beyond static risk ratings and generic scoreboards. In addition to being fully customized to your organization and your desired outcomes, our reports offer actionable security guidance.

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Gain the Expertise of the Best Minds in the Business

Assessments are only as good as the person administering them. Our highly certified and accomplished security experts leverage their extensive domain experience giving you unmatched depth and insight into tactical blind spots and systemic security issues.

Tag Cyber Independent Assessment Feature Transparent security architecture review.

TAG Cyber Assessment of Bishop Fox

Using Cyber Offensive Methods to Improve Defense

Successful execution of an offensive approach to cyber risk management requires a culture of technical security excellence, a supportive work environment that attracts and retains experts, and a scalable platform to support business growth.

Cybersecurity advisory firm TAG Cyber conducted a comprehensive, independent assessment of Bishop Fox to see how our company, services and Cosmos platform (formerly CAST) stack up.

Are you ready? Start defending forward.

We'd love to chat about your offensive security needs. We can help you determine the best solutions for your organization and accelerate your journey to defending forward.

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