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AI/ML Security Assessments

Whether you're harnessing AI for data analysis, using LLMs and machine learning for predictive insights, or exploring other applications of this rapidly evolving technology, Bishop Fox helps fortify your defenses from the start.

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Less Risk. More Reward.

Take the guesswork out of AI/ML security.

As the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) expands, the urgency to protect the data, models, and infrastructure supporting these technologies intensifies. Business demands that you move fast, but you must be confident that critical vulnerabilities are not overlooked.

Thoroughly testing AI models & integrations — commonly referred to as “AI Red Teaming” — is essential to preventing unintended and undesirable outcomes and is quickly becoming required by public and private entities alike. These assessments typically involve testing the user experience, guardrails, content filtering controls, model behavior, and identifying opportunities to detect or prevent abuse.

At Bishop Fox, we leverage decades of offensive security expertise, proven methodologies, and cutting-edge research to safeguard complex AI/ML ecosystems against sophisticated threats before adversaries can strike.

Our comprehensive services are tailored to the needs of your business, application, and systems to help your organization at any stage of its AI journey. Whether you need an assessment of your architecture, are ready for infrastructure and app testing, or want to stress-test your live environment with adversary emulation, Bishop Fox helps strengthen your security every step of the way. 

Uncover Dangerous Blind Spots Before Attackers Do

We put your AI/ML projects to the test.

Architecture Security Assessment

Reviews overall AI/ML system design, components, trust boundaries, and development practices to illuminate critical flaws and identify systemic improvements to harden defenses.

Threat Modeling

Establishes a strong foundation for sustainable, secure AI/ML application development, deconstructing each stage of your design process and identifying cross-over into pre-defined trust boundaries. 

Application Penetration Testing

Discovers and exploits critical vulnerabilities and logic flaw issues in your live AI/ML web apps and API integrations using expert-driven and automated testing that simulates real-world attacks.

Secure Code Review

Combines cutting-edge automation with meticulous manual review of the source code to identify traditional software engineering flaws that might surround LLM integration, putting the application at risk.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Fortifies your AI/ML infrastructure by identifying cloud-specific vulnerabilities and susceptible privilege escalation paths that commonly lead to the compromise of AWS, GCP, and Microsoft Azure services.

Red Teaming

Puts your defenses to the ultimate test with carefully crafted attacks leveraging the same tactics used by sophisticated adversaries to compromise your AI/ML systems.

Tabletop Exercises

Improves your incident response plans and processes by immersing your stakeholders in hyper-realistic threat scenarios targeting your AI/ML systems.

Purple Teaming

Strengthens your security posture by collaborating with our world-class Red Team to sharpen your Blue Team's response to threats across your AI/ML ecosystem. 


We're proud to be recognized as the leader in offensive security — and a great place to work!

Gigaom Radar Award badge 2024 for the Attack Surface Managment leader.
GigaOm radar report 2024 badge for fast mover.
Global Infosec Awards Winner 2023
Bishop Fox winner of the 2021 SC award for best emerging technology.
Bishop Fox winner of the Stevie Silver Awards 2022.
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