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Anticipate Application Cyberattacks

Threat Modeling

Proactively address security issues across the software development life cycle with in-depth analysis of application design, threats, and countermeasures that become foundational to ongoing DevOps processes.

Threat Modeling Framework
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Build A Future-Proof Threat Model

Secure Applications from the Start

Bishop Fox's Threat Modeling lays a strong foundation for sustainable, secure application development. Our battle-tested experts work directly with key stakeholders across your organization, taking the time to understand security objectives and DevOps processes that are critical to proactively addressing security issues. Applying the gold standard in threat modeling frameworks, our experts deconstruct each stage of your design process, highlighting key processes and dataflows that crossover into predefined trust boundaries. We also bring threat intelligence from thousands of offensive application engagements to identify weaknesses in the design process and illuminate how and where attackers could take advantage in real-world attack scenarios. Ultimately, your Threat Model will harmonize security objectives and DevOps processes – enabling you to proactively address security issues without impacting agility and speed.

Synchronize DevOps and Security Objectives

Sustainable Secure Application Development

Our Threat Modeling engagement covers the full spectrum of application security. As a result, we can deliver critical insights into tactical and strategic mitigations that become foundational to the software development life cycle.

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Threat Models Are Only as Good as the Foundation They Are Built On

Establish Your Model Against the Highest Industry Standards

Integrates All Stakeholder Objectives To Ensure Collective Buy-in.
Incorporates feedback from engineering teams, project managers, security personnel, and key business stakeholders ensuring all teams are integrated and invested in the success of the threat modeling process.

Leverages the Expertise of Seasoned Security Specialists.
Applies extensive application security intelligence from over six thousand offensive security engagements and the expertise of highly certified personnel ensuring threat models account for the latest attacker strategies.

Incorporates Processes from the Industry's Most Trusted Threat Modeling Framework.
Constructs a model of the targeted system and executes a multi-point methodology aligned to STRIDE - the gold standard for identifying application threats and mitigations.

Amplifies the Efficacy of Threat Models and Proprietary Tools and Processes.
Extends the efficacy of the STRIDE framework with Bishop Fox's internally developed methodology and best practices that uncover additional information critical to effective threat modeling.

Illustration of post with 3 signs on it in-depth targeted baseline threat modeling services.

Applications are Dynamic and Under Constant Attack

Extend Threat Identification Across the Full Spectrum of Application Security

Delivers Complete Flexibility Across Engagement Depth and Scope.
Enables clients to meet their security and regulatory objectives with three levels of assessment depth.

Encompasses Stringent Regulatory Requirements
Accounts for your compliance mandates and adapts engagements to include function-specific requirements into your application development processes.

Accounts for Your Distinct Business Objectives and Risk Profile
Adapts Threat Modeling to organizational goals, accounting for the criticality of applications to business operations and sensitivity of data to potential disclosure.

Modifies Engagements to Account for Your Unique Threat Landscape
Assimilates the latest threat intelligence and probable attack scenarios to create Threat Models that are hardened against your most significant threats.

Extend the Breadth of Threat Identification
Integrating with other service offerings, Threat Modeling covers the full spectrum of application security with in-depth testing and analysis of the application, source code, and underlying architecture of security controls.

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Application Designs Are Ripe With Attacker Opportunity

Illuminate Security Issues Before Adversaries Do

Breaks Down Application Design Processes
Covers the full spectrum of an application's design including analysis of documentation, key processes, dataflows, and trust boundaries.

Performs Threat Enumeration Across Trust Boundaries
Highlights dataflows that cross into identified trust boundaries performing STRIDE analysis to identify weaknesses at each location,

Identifies Mitigating Controls
Documents countermeasures that should be applied to address enumerated threats, including second and third order mitigations.

Accounts for the Latest Attacker Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
Assimilates the latest threat intelligence from public and private sources, ensuring threat models are resilient against the latest attacker innovations.

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Application Development is Never Finished

Establish a Future-Proof Model

Documents Application Design Dataflows
Produces in-depth diagrams outlining key processes including enumeration of trust boundaries at key points in the development lifecycle.

Integrates Key Stakeholder Feedback Before Finalization
Reviews dataflow diagrams for accuracy and flushes out the Threat Model in more detail ensuring all stakeholder objectives are accounted for prior to finalization.

Delivers a Detailed Threat Model
Supplies DevOps and security teams with a finalized Threat Model outlining strengths, vulnerabilities, and mitigation strategies across key processes within the software development lifecycle.

Ensures Reusability
Creates a repeatable model that unifies DevOps processes with security objectives into future software development lifecycles.

Key Benefits

Proactively Address Security Issues Across the Software Development Lifecycle

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Synchronize DevOps and Security Objectives

Gain collective buy-in and continued adoption of secure design processes with full integration of invested stakeholders throughout the Threat Modeling process.

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Create a Practical Model Built on a Strong Foundation

Build a resilient and proven model using the gold standard of methodologies and Bishop Fox’s proprietary application threat intelligence.

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Understand Every Facet of Application Design

Breakdown application design processes and pinpoint dangerous instances where sensitive data crosses over into trust boundaries

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Uncover Critical Threats and Weaknesses

Identify how and where real-world adversaries could take advantage of your security deficiencies at each stage of the design process.

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Identify and Prioritize Mitigations

Determine the tactical and strategic countermeasures that are critical to hardening applications against your most significant threats.

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Establish an Agile and Reusable Model

Ensure secure application design for years to come with a documented and repeatable Threat Model that doesn’t impact speed and agility.

Methodology Threat Modeling F threat modeling services.

Peek Under The Hood

Explore Our Threat Modeling Methodology

Bishop Fox’s Threat Modeling (TM) methodology addresses security issues across the software development life cycle with in-depth analysis of application design, threats, and countermeasures that become integral to ongoing DevOps processes. Download the complete methodology to see what you can expect when you work with us.

Are you ready? Start defending forward.

Are you ready to build practical threat models with battle-tested experts and a proven methodology?

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